Let's Be Cool, Guys. The Xbox One And PS4 Aren't Even Out Yet.

The Xbox One and PS4 are nearly upon us. People are excited. Some people are also, as people are prone to be, getting a little weird. "Fans" of both systems are eager to prove that one console is somehow "better" than the other, and will use any piece of information they get their hands on to prove their point. P

It's inevitable that, of the two systems, we'll eventually come to a conclusion as to which is more powerful in terms of raw performance. Sure, each console will have their relative strengths and weaknesses, but after a while the world will eventually crown an overall winner in this regard.

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Gozer1839d ago

I have no issues with the ps4. I am satisfied with what the X1 is capable of graphically. If the X1 can produce games with the graphical prowess of Ryse, then Im satisfied. The whole resolution thing is blown way out of proportion, most people will never be able to spot a difference. Also a game running at 1080p doesn't automatically mean it has better graphics than a 720p game. Just look at Ryse, its arguably the best looking next-gen title so far and its running at 900. A resolution no one would have ever figured out if they hadn't been told.

I have no issues with the ps4 though. If someone wants a ps4 that's their business. What I do have a problem with is fanboys coming into every X1 article to troll. It has gotten old. I don't go into sony related articles to troll. And I don't think sony fans need to come into EVERY SINGLE X1 related article and troll. This site is completely sony biased. And making matters worse they bubble each other up on obvious troll comments. So generally anyone you see with a high bubble count(mods excluded) are sony trolls. These people don't need to be rewarded for their nonsense. Ive decided that I might come to this site to check worthwhile news, what little bit there is, and just ignore the comments section. That's a shame too because this site would otherwise have the potential to be a respected gaming site.

Angels37851839d ago

You know Gozer while I disagreed with some of the things you said initially.....I was going to give you the time of day while I read your comment above^^^

Right up until you said this: " I don't go into sony related articles to troll."

I couldn't take anything you said seriously after that....what a hypocritical statement to make.

Gozer1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Go through my comment history and show me where I am in a ps4 story trolling. Ill wait.

Who am I kidding, youre not going to find any.

mikeslemonade1839d ago

Funny how people complain when the tables turn on them. Go read your own articles. We are not forcing anyone to read in certain extremist type gaming news.

Maybe it's because you actually have more of an appetite to read in and let it anger you a little and then are passionate about to complain about said articles.

There's a little bit of fanboyism in almost everyone. There's certainly different levels of it but the majority of people won't admit that they have even a slight bit. If you get defensive or in-flamed about certain articles then just think for a moment maybe you're just one of us and you just can't take your eyes about what the gamers are saying in the comment section.

Regardless I'm having fun everyday supporting PS3 and PS4. I certainly like to spin things however I have to let you know there's certain things about my speculation that I take seriously such topics about which game will flop or which system will sell more.

And you maybe surprised that I been pretty much been gaming only on the xbox 360 for the past 2 years and that will end in about 10 days.

darthv721838d ago

honest question here. did anyone really think MS had a chance this last gen to even be a real competitor against sony? Most would say no but it turns out that they gave it a real good college try and to some extent they turned the tides for themselves.

Sure they didnt maintain their lead in overall sales but they certainly bested their previous efforts. in many ways, it was just like sega taking on nintendo. sega really turned things around for themselves with the genesis/megadrive but ultimately lost to nintendo in the overall scope of things.

does that negate the success that sega achieved? Not in the least. So does sony beating Ms in overall sales negate the success MS has had with the 360? not in the least.

Sony lost some market share this last gen. we can all agree to that but it isnt about what they lost but about what they won. they got a new sense of competition that pushed them to be better than they ever were. i would hope that same sense of competition is what is driving MS to try and be better than they were as well.

We can assume but we really wont know until we get closer to that inevitable finish line. speculation can run wild that each will find a way to exceed the other and then fall back. and it is this back and forth that means we as gamers will have more to win because of that platform drive each company hopes to feed off of.

i know im not alone in being one that looks forward to buying both platforms. so i dont have any qualms about those who buy only the ps4 or only the xb1 because i am on both your sides when it comes to the great games that will be released for each.

when i get a copy of killzone, i look forward to gaming with those who have it as well. Same goes for Ryse, when it comes to multiplayer, i will be right there with you.

Each gen i have had a preferred platform but i never disrespected the others that i bought in that gen because to me its always been about the games not the systems that play them. I have long been a middle ground gamer and this gen i will continue to stand that middle ground.

i welcome all those who pick a side just as i welcome all those who want to stand in the middle with me. great times lie ahead and that is what we really should be focusing on. Great times with great games.

Muerte24941839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

The problem is Ps3 titles were getting docked points last gen based entirely on resolution alone. Remember Bayonetta, COD Black ops 1&2, Madden series, etc? Now that Xbox One has been proven inferior, suddenly, resolution isn't a big deal?
The same thing happened when it was announced that Sony surpassed Microsoft in worldwide sales. "Oh, it doesn't matter now. It's the end of this generation." Why does the media feel a need to always downplay Sony's achievements and praise Microsoft's at every turn? It's called hypocrisy, my friend.

The_Ozymandias1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

This. This so much it's not even funny.

I'm not one for this whole resolutiongate bullshit and I've learned to not even remotely expect a minority of Xbox fans to acknowledge the console's shortcomings even when they're so evident, but this is beyond irrational. I realize that technology comes with a law of diminishing returns, but how people expect to be taken seriously or even acknowledged when they're so deluded by fanboyism that suddenly somehow "720p native is better than native 1080p," all while thinking that they could tiptoe past their 8-year resolutiongate on Playstation 3. The PS3 caught so much flack for its inconsistencies in graphical comparisons, and what, now it doesn't matter because the PS4 is the superior console and the Xbox One is basically a comcast box with a disc-tray?

"Why does the media feel a need to always downplay Sony's achievements and praise Microsoft's at every turn?"

Why? I have a little more than a slight inkling that Microsoft buys it's good press while Sony seems a little more like couldn't give a fuck about buying press, the consoles will speak for themselves, and gamers will flock to the one they know to be the better one, without, believe it or not, GQ's somehow extant two cents on the next-generation,

Regarding Dozer's comment about the PS4 camera being pointless and a waste since it's not required, I'm beyond glad Sony didn't require or include the camera. It's not for everyone, but it's there for everyone. Forcing someone to a certain peripheral like that limits where they can take the hardware. The Xbox hasn't even launched yet, and we're already seeing that. Sony's smart enough to let gamers and developers define where the generation goes, instead of not giving an inch of a fuck about what matters in a game console or what people want.

I just don't understand what keeps drawing people back to them.

Mogwai1839d ago

Its called american microsoftcockracy, the us is insanely patriotic even down to this kind of shit!

Dehnus1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

So because you are butthurt about digital foundries ruining of an entire generation... you want to ruin this generation as well? And you keep pushing and pushing until people are so fucking tired of you that we don't get either anymore?

As that is the point it has reached for em. I am so tired of this whole resolution crap that I'm not getting either. And I'm sure others are tired of it as well. People say that to them it doesn't matter are being persecuted for 2 generations now. First by the Xbots and now by the ponies. Go find some other whipping boy please.

PS: Sony did not surpass MS in sales there was some creative numbering going back and forth there ;). Sony used a shipping Number (which MS also does btw ;)) and used this against a a 6 months old shipping number MS used.

Those shipping numbers are "highly creative" in how they present it and one can turn and twist these "results" in so many ways. Like if I say "We sold 100% more this month!" and I still only sold 2 machines. Frankly it is best not to touch that "world" as a gamer as it is a dire one filled with lies and deceit from salesmen protecting their jobs. Even as a fanboy you are only an animal of burden strapped in front of the carriage of the salesman.

Let them do their boasting, and just boast about that Sony has 10 times the exclusives in the last generation than MS had. :D. I think that is a far nicer thing to boast about is it not?

Edit @ the_Ozzymandias:
How has the media given MS a break? you keep acting as if media didn't have a meltdown when those steamlike DRM things where announced (I despise steam, so I despised MS her plans as well). It feels a bit as if you are feeling the "victim" because of your platform of choice. You only see the bad things done to you, and the good things done to others.

Just read the media lately and you see most are pro Sony. Some tell you to "calm down" but opinion pieces are supposed to have an opinion. If you want everybody to agree with you or to burn down MS then you are in for a rough landing, as not everybody does. To go mental and feel attacked is one way of going about it. Or you just accept that the opinion piece was written by another person, you can then also write your own piece of why you disagree.

At least that is my opinion ;).

The_Ozymandias1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )


Whoa. I don't think any of what I said could be implicit in a conspiracy to burn down Microsoft, or anything of the sort. I want Microsoft to succeed and do right enough by their consumer, just like Sony has been with this upcoming generation. That's what drives these consoles to try so hard: competition. I'd like for them to keep competing because it's we who reap the benefits.

As for how the media has given Microsoft a break? Here's are a couple of prime examples

Followed by countless "Why the Xbox One has a lower resolution, why it doesn't matter, and why you should pay more for it." pieces justifying it, and praising kinect as if it's some extension of the hardware, when they have no idea how limiting it usually ends up being or how low its adoption rate usually is. These people haven't the slightest idea what the significant differences are in hardware, what the product is supposed to be about, or why each one is wrong/right. That's the most evident symptom of paid press. Here's one example out of many.

This is all followed by the handwaving away of the resolution advantage as a slight difference, not noticeable, etc, after spending the last generation praising consoles for much narrower differences.

It's hypocrisy at it's finest, and honestly, paints the industry in a very bad light. Everyone seemed to care about resolutions until the xbox wasn't on top anymore. Then suddenly they don't matter, and 125% more pixels on one console is no big deal.

The issue is that suddenly, resolution doesn't matter between versions. 1080p, per many industry folks, suddenly has no benefit over 720p. It's a radical reversal of what they have said for years, and they offer no real explanation for the sudden shift. It only seems to lack importance now that MS isn't the leader and is pitching a tent on the back burner.

But like you said, that's just my opinion.

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N311V1839d ago

I know how you feel. Not sure if you were around during the first few years of this gen but PS3 articles were getting trolled hard by Xbox fans. I was new to the site and nearly left until I learnt to ignore the trolls. I suspect that some Playstation fans are enjoying the shoe being on the other foot. Hopefully the war will settle down soon enough. It'll never end but maybe settle down.

Dehnus1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

And they did not call the 360 "Xbox 1.5!" or "LOL you still use DVD!".. or the Sony Defence Force idiots? or the idiot that though 360 degrees was 180? Until someone figured out to make that same gif with Micheal Jackson's sprite from Moonwalker?

Seriously look in the Mirror, the Sony Fans back then where just as bad as the MS fans. Ponies and Bots (The fanboys of either side) behave like kids and are currently ruining a generation before it even started.

The whole "Wii60" movement was a general fanboy defence against Sony's fanboys behaving like total arses and using the graphics of Killzone 2 and others (pre rendered often) to bug the Wii and the 360 owners on forums. Killzone is a good game, don't get me wrong, but back then it most definatly was prerendered.

Man the same specsheet war you had back then:
Even to the point of counting USB ports and that the PS3 had backwards compatibility at the time while the 360 had a software solution. They even had graphs for "Look 7 USB ports and 7 Blu tooth devices is 50% more then what the 360 has". It was ludicrous on both ends as MS fanboys, led my Major Nelson, started to use "EDRAM" bandwith as an addition.

It was that fucked up, just go browse through forums archives and you'll see what I mean.

reko1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )


you sure? funny.. Gozer + 11d ago | Trolling | hide | Replies(21)
This is why the ps4 camera will never succeed. Sony never makes things required, they leave it up to developers to decide. They wasted money researching the pseye. Sony fans are lucky that some devs actually give a damn otherwise trophies would have never taken off.
nice try tho!

RealGamerspeaks1839d ago

First and foremost... everything you stated above is TRUE....

I'm geting both because i can afford it and if i dont perfer one i could sell it... but to each his own.... but this site is full of SOny Fanboys and MS haters......

Sony has a good system - Stronger for now
MS has a good system great LIVE, Multimedia lovers dream, and exclusive....

so Im getting both..... I have Ghost for ps4 already with controller......

Sarobi1839d ago

on N4G: This site is too biased
on GameFaqs: This site is ran by Sony fans
on IGN's forums: This site is moneyhatted by Sony

Same excuse on multiple sites..

Imalwaysright1839d ago

MS pissed off many gamers with their initial policies and before that when they shifted focus towards kinect. This is what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you.

LordDhampire1839d ago

Gozer the reason sony fans troll xbox articles is because microsoft fanboys try to troll ps4 articles....and its just least sony fanboys troll with actual facts like the ps4 is stronger than the xbox one...will that mean prettier games it might not? But you can't argue with specs.

Microsoft fanboys try to troll will microsoft propaganda, they believe anything microsoft says and blindly follow....if they were like hey the ps4 is stronger but I like xb1 exclusives and the xbox controller there would of never been a war....instead they say, balance, the cloud, and freak about any ps4 article like cod framerate....the xbox one has a nda until the 12...when every other consoles cod review came bad does that look?

BallsEye1839d ago


Sony fans troll with actual facts? You gotta be kidding me...fanboys of both sides see what they want to see and take opinions/rumors as facts. Please stop defending fanboys.

reko1838d ago


weird.. stop being a fanboy then?

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jujubee881839d ago Show
1OddWorld1839d ago

Writer of this article needs to update his info. There is no longer a debate about which system is more powerful.

majiebeast1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

This article can be summed up in 1 picture

Who is Plunkett kidding with this crap.

"It's inevitable that, of the two systems, we'll eventually come to a conclusion as to which is more powerful in terms of raw performance."

Specs dont lie andwe all know who has the better ones.

BobBelcher1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

The PS4 is a solid console, no doubt- but I'm quite satisfied w/ what the X1 can do. The fact that the X1 might not be able to produce 1080p puts MS in quite a unique position. They can still gain plenty of ground, but the key to this victory are the games. It's time for MS to truly invest in some unique IPs, some new developers and really start creating great dialogue w/ both consumers and developers. Sometimes 'the struggle' is a necessary mountain to climb in order to become something better. I think it's quite ridiculous and a bit childish for people to wish/want MS to fail, being that for the last 2 decades (I'm rounding) the Xbox and the Playstation have been pushing each other to do great things. They've both made mistakes and they've both had some great accomplishments, to be honest I couldn't imagine a more productive competition than the one between Sony and MS.

strickers1839d ago

So someone writes a calm down article and you lot start in with a debate about which you prefer, and some crappy reasons why.
Can't we start to think about giving it a rest. Let's debate some games, eh?

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