Preview: Sony’s PlayStation 4 is very impressive | Canada

Sony Canada set up a PlayStation 4 and then attached it to a massive Sony television in a somewhat swanky downtown Toronto condo, for media to book hands-on time with the console. We spent four hours with the console. Here are our impressions.

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GarrusVakarian1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Infamous SS says hi. Plus, we all know that whatever Naughty Dog reveals will cause people to buy the PS4 faster than they can make them.

LOGICWINS1861d ago

"we all know that whatever Naughty Dog reveals will cause people to buy the PS4 faster than they can make them"

Well, I wouldn't agree with that. If we're going by the numbers, not even one TENTH of PS3 owners have bought an Uncharted game. Just because a game is good doesn't mean it will sell. Just like a game being subpar doesn't guarantee it will flop (Wii Fit, COD, Angry Birds etc.) There are other factors at play.

Anyways, my comment is likely irrelevant as your probably exaggerating to make the point that ND's next game will make TONS of people have to go to Kohl's to get a new pack of underwear lol.

black0o1861d ago

sonY sells the PlayStation brand no need for halo like game .. PS1 days we had some great series and nvr showed up since then so did the PS2 and probably the ps3 will

except for some Fr. like GT

GameNameFame1861d ago

So this really isnt an issue. Look at this gen. Best exclusives looking at metascore by faarr

LOGICWINS1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

"Sony always have better first party line up"

Subjective. Sony unquestionably has the stronger variety in exclusives, but "better" is a matter of opinion.

And Metacritic is for fanboys and parents/grandparents trying to figure out what gifts they'll give to the gamer in their life. I don't give it much thought personally.

@black0o- Totally agree. Sony has never relied on ONE franchise to sell their systems.

scott1821861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Killzone SF is the top pre ordered exclusive, I would say people want it pretty bad.

Rimeskeem1861d ago

But that was when naughty dog wasnt as known and now they are being thought of as making the bar for this gen and next gen

Bathyj1861d ago

Youre right, "better" is just a matter of opinion. But its my opinion and when it comes to games thats the only one I care about.

And I'll just throw this out there, Sony supports their consoles with great games for longer through its lifecycle. Thats not opinion, thats documented, repeatedly proven fact.

LOGICWINS1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

@Scott- I agree..not sure how Shadowfall is relevant to my comment, but I agree.

@Bathyj- Agreed, thats a fact. Sony supports their consoles much longer than their competition. That can't be argued against.



Naughty Dog wasn't known before Uncharted, despite four Crash Bandicoot games and four Jak and Daxter games? Erm..sure. Whatever u say man.

scott1821861d ago


I was piggybacking off your comment to be higher on the thread. I am such a cheater...

bleedsoe9mm1861d ago

it will be interesting to see if whatever naughty dog is making has gotten to the level of a system seller . in my opinion KZ or SS isn't at that level , probably the best system seller for the ps3 was mgs 4 .

cobblestone191861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Come on now logic, metacritic is not for fanboys.
Besides, remember when the 360 had more high rated exclusives then the Ps3, Xbox fanboys would shout "The 360 has more high rated exclusives than the Ps3!"?
So it's all a matter of convince and opportunity.
Anyways, Killzone looks AMAZING, So do drive club and Second Son.

stragomccloud1861d ago

Wii fit isn't a game though. It's a fitness routine, and actually, I've heard it's a very effective fitness routine. But I digress, saying that Wii Fit isn't a good game is like saying that Microsoft Word isn't a good game. Just because something is software, doesn't mean it's a game.

abzdine1861d ago

resolution, price and performance are reasons enough to go for PS4 and are system sellers for many.
not to mention the 1st party games that always lead the way.

TheDivine1861d ago

Honestly I buy Ps consoles based off third party games mainly. Sony has a lot of first party games but few games I like. GOW was good, Uncharted was amazing, Resistance was alright, Demons Souls was amazing, KZ is alright, TLoU was good and not much else.

They do have great third party games which have always sold sony's systems.

On psx we had MGS, FF, and many other Square RPGs.

On Ps2 we had DMC, MGS, FF, GTA, and a billion others.

On ps3 we had MGS, Valkyria Chronicles, Demons Souls, Heavy Rain, Ni No Kuni and others.

Right now there's no system sellers until FF15 and MGS hit hopefully next year. Def nothing from Sony unless they announce Demons Souls 2 or a big Jrpg.

Abdou0231861d ago


You have my Respect.

AliTheSnake11861d ago

Sales don't represent most users numbers. Half the people who played uncharted bought it used or borrowed it.

abzdine1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

what you seem to forget is that a game can be played on many machines which means people can lend games to each other, they can also buy the game used..
a big game is definitely a system seller, i can still buy a console just for that game just because i can borrow it from my friend or cousin when he's done with it.

much much more people than the tenth as you call it have played the game and have bought a console just to play that game.
Also, lots of quality games make people buy consoles-

to answer the article, there are games for every taste at launch. just see how many free games will be available day one, add to that the F2P games like Deep Down, Warframe and more...
All this while we haven't seen gameplay from The Order 1886, ND next game, MediaMolecule or Santa Monica.

Prime1571861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

"Well, I wouldn't agree with that. If we're going by the numbers, not even one TENTH of PS3 owners have bought an Uncharted game."

But they bought the GTA5 bundle which will get them into UC which is better than any other 360 exclusive... Oh, not to mention The Last of Us is the same dev....

LOGICFAILS when you're you.

mav8051861d ago

...and not even 1/6th of owners will buy a COD game, what's your point?

Sony exclusives are a big draw for a lot of people, just like MS exclusives are popular among other people.

Just because a game doesn't sell to a majority of owners doesn't mean it doesn't sell well or move units.

mewhy321860d ago

"Impressive" is a common word when talking about the PS4.

larrysdirtydrawss1860d ago

their already selling them faster than they can make em,this generation is over already

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Evil_Abed1861d ago

Killzone is more of a system seller than infamous ever was. Sucker punch have never managed to draw in huge numbers with the series. Perhaps they'll start now.

GribbleGrunger1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

This is the actual headline from the article:

"Preview: Sony’s PlayStation 4 is very impressive"

Sony can't keep up with pre-orders at the moment so how the hell can this reworded headline be relevant?

hiredhelp1861d ago

What a silly headline. Launch consoles not going to have 30 plus games on the ready as for games well you could say same for xbox... Both have different ip both have same ip's not a bad thing. System sellers are a 2 way thing for me its what you get with it and what system has..
Example system 1 , 399 core system. With 320gb hdd system 2, 450 with 320gb plus uncharted or same system with GT the choice would then be a opinion to that persons.

Now we know what sony are like we know how many "studios" sony has vs Microsoft i say doesn't matter just grab ps4 within first 6months more titles will emerge.

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pat_11_51861d ago

Those won't be available at launch. That's the point I'm trying to make.

LOGICWINS1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Yeah, your totally right. But this isn't unusual. Its seldom that a system launches with a true system seller. Halo 3 and MGS4 weren't available at the launch of their respective consoles. The issue your referring to isnt a PS4 only issue.

Evidently the PS4 doesnt need a system seller at the moment with well over


ONE MILLION pre-orders *puts pinky in mouth*

I'd rather these devs take their time to craft these games instead of rushing them out for launch.

garos821861d ago

And that is exactly what is happening with drive club and watch dogs.they not rushing to hit launch

GarrusVakarian1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

Then the title should make it clear that you mean launch games :)

CYCLEGAMER1861d ago (Edited 1861d ago )

This is the main reason why I think I am going to wait on getting a ps4. I have it pre ordered..since its in high demand, I wonder if I could make a profit....hmmmmm -_-

staticdash221861d ago

Look at his Avi people, that's all you need to know. Move along, nothing to see here.

miyamoto1861d ago

Don't worry Pat, the PS4 will be Perfectly fine when it launches.
It doesn't need sell out titles.

BluEx6101861d ago

Why would Sony need system sellers at launch, when their systems are sold out everywhere? For one it gives devs more time to polish their games, and 2 it'll give Sony a nice boost in sales in the future when they release "System Sellers" like Infamous SS, The Order 1886, God of War 4, GT7, Uncharted 4, or The Last of Us 2 etc....

MS doesn't really have system sellers at launch either, so don't know what point you're trying to make.

Rimeskeem1861d ago

yes but id rather wait for them instead of paying $500 for s system that i cant trust with their longevity on exclusives

Riderz13371861d ago

Killzone is a system seller for me. Plus, I don't buy a console for what it has available at launch. If that was the case I would have never bought a PS3 at launch and would have missed out on Uncharted series, Last of Us etc.

The Order and inFAMOUS look to be amazing games, and that is why I am buying a PS4. Plus, having Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica as part of your first party studios is also a bonus =P

LeCreuset1861d ago

Why won't they? KZ4 is the highest pre-ordered exclusive on either console, and it has managed to accomplish that competing with COD and BF4. If you want to talk about at launch, fine, but the system will be sold out at launch so you're still wrong.

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LOGICWINS1861d ago

I think Knack will surprise a few people, but Resogun....holy crap that game looks good! And its technically free for people who buy a PS4 at launch since they'll get two weeks of Plus in the box.

LeCreuset1861d ago

Ditto on Knack. I've read some good things about that game. It may even end up bringing some of that older gen difficulty back that we lost this gen. People look at the game and write it off because they think it's for kids. I'm not saying it's Mario or Crash Bandicoot, but come on — imagine where we'd be if people just wrote off those series because they looked like they're for kids.

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