Reserve Your New PSN Name For PS4

Think of how many PSN names are taken at the moment, yea a lot. Now, think of the first few weeks it releases how many more usernames will be taken. Yeah, pretty insane right. This is why you should head over to the Playstation Website and make an account as soon as possible.

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JoGam1837d ago

JoGam is the name I had since Socom 1. Would never change it.

TomShoe1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Everyone who's on PS3/PS4, add me @ xTomShoe

Just got a new name for PS4 :D My old one was stupid.

Muffins12231836d ago

TheAssKicker....this guy already took this insane username you guys are fighting over.Just giving you guys a heads up if you try to get that username :P.

torchic1836d ago

that's definitely a "premium" username, not one I'd choose but you can bet that thousands of people try to secure it all the time :p

Campy da Camper1836d ago

Question: I don't want to give up my current psn account and stats but would like a new name. Can we reserve a new name for our existing account? I'm on my phone and trying to nav the Sony site is giving me ulcers.

BTW, nice article but maybe a direct link to where we can do this?

Ilovetheps41830d ago

I actually have the username MuffinMan on PSN. I think it's a cool name at least.

Neo-Axl1836d ago

If I change my PSN user name, will all my trophies still be with the account I have?

5 years of trophies, horrendous multi-player moments and unbelievably difficult boss battles I had to endure, and lest I forget my first ever trophy unlocked on LittleBIGPlanet, I'm not sure I'll part with em' you know? memories man, memories.

wsoutlaw871836d ago

you would be creating a whole new account and not just changing the name. Your trophies will not carry over.

Neo-Axl1836d ago

Thanks man, I guess I'll stick to my original PSN.

Campy da Camper1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

That's what I want to know. There is no way I'm losing 1338 trophies, Lol. I want a new user name, though. Since we will be able to change it on the ps4 it would be sweet if we could reserve it now. Maybe use proof for those who have paid off the system or something.

Edit. For anyone who is older and not a "rap music background player" or "screetcher" or yeller/screamer that enjoys battlefield, little big planet, fallout style games I'd love to add some new friends especially for battlefield 4.


yellowgerbil1837d ago

can we change our username? I had many accounts on my ps3, but accidentally activated PS+ on what was just a spare account, I'd like to change the name to my ps3s main account on ps4 but have it linked to the PS+ on my side account...

lashes2ashes1837d ago

Nope. I'm sure at some time Sony will get a name change service but at this time you either make a new account or stick with the name.

DarkBlood1837d ago

I'll be sticking with DarkLloyd since i started my psn account since i turned 17 years ago

tdogchristy901837d ago

One thing I've liked is that both my XBL/PSN name is identical. I've always liked that.

xPhearR3dx1837d ago

Me too. Unfortunately, Sony doesn't allow spaces in user names so I'm SOL :(

Convas1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Yezzir, same here. Unified over XBL/PSN and I'm quite happy with it. No numbers, no spaces, no strange patterns, just a unique name I was able to nab twice. :D

tdogchristy901837d ago

Yep, same here just a simple name that actually has a very important meaning in my real life. So I was very lucky.

WeAreLegion1836d ago

Xbox Live allows for one less character, so I have a shortened name on XBL. :/

Omar911837d ago

I hate my name on ps3. I didn't care at the time what my name was so I made the most unoriginal most boring name I can think of. Now I'm stuck wit it until sony allows us to change our names. I can't make a new account because I have put in countless hours on my trophies and games to simply just start over with a new account.

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