Lost Odyssey DLC available to all this Friday

Xbox360 Fanboy writes:

"Finally, after numerous pieces of downloadable content have graced the Japanese Marketplace, Lost Odyssey fans in other Live regions will get in on the DLC fun.

A new 200 Microsoft point Lost Odyssey DLC bonus pack will release on Friday, April 25th to North America (and, more than likely, to the European) XBLM and feature a new dream sequence and a few new items. "The Shattered Bond" will allow plays to experience a new dream, the "Killer Machine" ring will give extra protection against magic-powered weapons and the "Memory Lamp" will let players re-live previous dreams. The DLC may be a tad bit on the expensive side, but at least it's available outside of Japan. Right?"

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Nevers3884d ago

Well if all you get is a few items then I guess it is too expensive. I'm finally on Disc 4... damn long game. I'll save my $$$ on this one though.

kewlkat0073883d ago

def a long game, I'm on 70Hrs, hey at least your getting your money's worth right...

pharmd3883d ago

is this to avoid the fifth disc of the package.... holy shat

Nevers3883d ago

I've actually had it so long I might as well have bought it though. The beginning of the story (discs 1 & 2) were beautiful story-telling. Very very strong choice for anyone who stil love the turn-based RPG's. Seems to me this year will be a great year for the RPG.


Grown Folks Talk3883d ago

a new boss battle that gives you Absorb All Elements. I've already beaten it, but I heard about that, so I haven't traded it in yet.

tplarkin73883d ago

"Absorb all elements" is already available in the retail game.

SacT0wnF1n3st3883d ago

Great game but I have no intentions of downloading this DLC.

captainpwn3883d ago

4 discs and expensive downloadable content to eat up my measly 13GB hard drive!


RAF-TECH3883d ago

cuz i just need a long game for the summer..

It's either this or oblivion...


Greysturm3883d ago

If you want a more structured story and classic jrpg interfaces go for Lost odysey.

If you want more freedom and western fps or tps interface go for oblivion.

v1c1ous3883d ago

i love LO. so get that first, since it actually has an end.

oblivion was my first wrpg, and while i hated it at first, grew to love it. and its freaking huge. honestly. i got oblivion on release day and i still haven't done all the quests. you can play it for months.

tplarkin73883d ago

Neither of these games are for everyone, but they are great for those that like JRPGs and WRPGs. I spent 200 hours on each game.

LO has better story and characters.
Oblivion has a more realistic world to play in.

Nevers3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

Lost Odyssyey has a pretty expansive world and has a very great storyline. It's totally turn based combat and the puzzle/platforming elements tend to come out of nowhere, seem slightly tacked on, and can frustratingly bog the advancement of the story. There's a lot of hours even in just one run thru the game as i'm around 90 on disc 4 and it doesn't feel like I'm that near to the end. Character customization seems fairly limited at first then becomes fairly intricate and kinda daunting because of the vast amount of skill to "learn". It's a great "next-gen" take on the good ole turn based RPG's.

Oblivion is just totally a different style completely. It's like a 1st Person Hakn'Slash/Shooter in a world that gives you almost total freedom to explore. Character customization is still some of the best that has come out IMO. There are many many many missions and quests that rival the length of the main quest. The main story isn't the greatest ever told but with all the supplemental hystory and experiences from the sidequests it really creates an almost living world (especially if you have played Morrowind) I think I've logged hundreds upon hundreds of hours on this game because it just has so much to it especially with the inclusion of all the DLC and Shivering Isles.

I could go on... so i'll cut it short.

I would go with OBLIVION between the two but that's only my preference; but they're both very good games.

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