Nintendo won’t fire staff in order to cut costs, Iwata doesn’t see a dark future for the company

Nintendo’s R&D expenditures are up, but sales are down. With the company adding on roughly 1,000 staffers over the past four or five years, an attendee at Nintendo’s financial results briefing Q&A asked about a possible reduction to the workforce.

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KonsoruMasuta1867d ago

Bad idea. See Sega for example.

cactusjack1867d ago

sega's choices was go multi or go out of business. i think they made the smart choice

rambi801867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

Erm, Sega just posted a decent profit. It took a few years to adapt, but they are doing ok.

Captain Qwark 91867d ago

being multiplat isnt segas issue. developing and releasing mediocre games is. its not like its impossible to make a near perfect multiplat ( see the new tomb raider ) its just a matter of putting in the time and effort. a quality mario would sell like hot cakes on all systems.

plus even sega gets it right every couple of releases. their racing game and sonic generations are both very good

jcnba281867d ago

I commend Iwata for not firing staff and taking a huge pay cut from his own salary instead. Most CEO's would just fire x number of their employees without hesitation. Iwata actually cares about the company he runs and the people who work there.

Killjoy30001866d ago

You Nintendo tards are just being nostalgic. You know you want a super HD next gen Zelda just as much as I do, quit with the denial.

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GenericNameHere1867d ago

Of course not. 3DS be printing dem money. They're doing fine with 3DS and other merchandising. Just the Wii U is bad.

qcjoe1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

How about marketing your Wii U and explaining why people should upgrade to it? No we need a 99.99 Wii mini to confuse your customers more. Im sure that would make them some money.

adorie1867d ago

They're going to discontinue the Wii anyway. I always thought it was moronic to call their newest console The Wii U as I saw it only as a decision to attempt to piggyback off the Wii's success.

4lc4pon31867d ago

they discontinued the wii only to make a Wii Mini. Instead of innovating or fixing the issue with the wii u sales they blew money and time screwing with this so called Wii Mini.

Nintendo really needs to sit down and come up with a game plan cause the wii u at this point is killing them with dull sales. I had a wii u at launch and tho it was fun it was over priced & so weren't the games.

Like mass effect 3 you could get it used on the 360 for $15.00 at gamestop it was $59.99 on the wii u. No thanks

Kalebninja1867d ago

yea there commercials are just retarded they dont show off the consoles and the dont even show the games it shows them off screen and focuses on the people playing them...

cactusjack1867d ago

thats like saying sony shouldnt change the vita and just continue trying to pursued people to buy it, hate to be captain buzzkill but if no one is buying your product, cramming ads in people faces is not going to fix the problem.

Dan_scruggs1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

For as much as people bitch about the slavish nature of other companies like EA and Team Bondi that swell the number of employees to immense sizes only to have massive layoffs as soon a game ships. You'd think that people would be praising Nintendo for continuing to be true to the business practices and employee loyalty that has kept them going for more that 30 years.

Instead people scream about how stupid they are and how they are doomed and need to make Iphone games and go multiplatform. Yet they still have the highest selling piece of gaming hardware in the entire world. And the Nintendo Wii completely trounced the competition for it's entire life cycle. There comes a time when Nintendo should just trust their instincts and do what they do best. Make great games and ignore everyone that thinks that isn't the point of being in this industry.

eagle211867d ago

After all these gaming years who is still around and kicking? NINTENDO. Give them some credit. Apple doesn't even make Why should I care about gaming with them? MS will never get my money. I think Nintendo and Sony will make it the longest. EA won't.

thehitman1867d ago

You make some points with no valid context around them. Almost every studio lays off people around the time of a game completion. Probably any person in the industry would tell you that not everybody is needed during all processes of making a game. When those people are not needed their contract is up and they look for work on another project etc. To make it seem like EA and Team Bondi are the only companies that do that is point a finger where one should not be be pointed at. A lot of people in the gaming industry are not on permanent contracts.

Also I dont think Nintendo needs to go multiplatform but they definetly need NEW ideas. They need NEW studios they need to expand they need to get with the times and stop letting MS and Sony beat them in terms of technology. They need to advertise to every audience. When the company first started donkey kong mario star fox zelda metriod were their main franchises. Now its just mario, zelda, metriod. They dont have any new good IPs to replace the ones they lost. They dont have any good multiplatform support because the image Nintendo stuck themselves in doesnt appeal to the core gamer. Yes the wii sold very well but that was at a cheaper price point and also if you took a demographic of the sales it wasnt to mostly actual gamers. It was a lot of moms etc buying the system for Wii Fit. Even Nintendo execs will admit that Wii Fit was the best selling bundle they had and sold the most systems. Now we all know how much of a fad trying to get in shape is. It's like getting a gym membership in january, yet in the Wii case people bought the system and didnt use it more than a week or so and never touched it. My aunt has one never even bothered with it lol... Now the reality of Nintendo situation sets in when they tried to make a Wii 2. There was no reason for people to upgrade because they already got the wii for what they wanted and core gamers never wanted the wii because it didnt appeal to them. Nintendo didnt acknowledge this problem which is why they are suffering right now. Bone headiness and lack of vision.

P.S. I use to be a hardcore Nintendo fanboy up until the PS2 so I am not biased against Nintendo. They just have lost sight on what the gamer of today wants, which is not 10 different versions of mario.

ozstar1867d ago

First post, always a winner on N4G!!!! (sarcasm)

Killjoy30001867d ago

It's an opinion, no need for the slander.

Evil_Abed1867d ago

Slander: you are using it wrong.

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