Games Journalism Fails...Again "Once again, games journalists failed to do their jobs. As gamers were yelling for answers, some journalists decided to keep quiet on what was going on with PS4 review units."

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Ares84HU1839d ago

As it always does. No surprise there.

thekhurg1839d ago

Pretty much. Most articles today seem to be written for hits and ad revenue instead of actually telling gamers what is going on.

Opinion articles are fine, but the constant flip flopping between hot topics just to generate controversy got old years ago.

Eonjay1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

So basically they have to fly to a beautiful hotel in New York where they are forced to engage in an incredible party where the favors are free PS4s. They are complaining that they have to get off their ass to be wined and dined and can't just get the system for free.

Why the heck to I bother getting up in the morning.

Pintheshadows1839d ago

In fairness the video included with the article makes very very good points. I'm not keen on him but sometimes he is right.

tiremfej1839d ago

So the video makes sense? Because the article does not. All I took away from the article is he was upset he didn't get invited to an event where they gave out free PS4's.

Pintheshadows1839d ago

Sterling doesn't. He is really telling it like it is. He says it may be an inconvenience to travel to New York to get a PS4 given to you but it isn't the apocalypse like Sessler the crybaby tried to make out.

OrangePowerz1839d ago

The fail is really going on like it`s the end of the world and not saying why they are going on about it just saying it`s something really bad for console XYZ when it was only them not getting their free console.

The choices of Sony.

Give retail versions away to every journalist on the planet or sell them to gamers who want one?

Give debug units away to all journalists on the planet or give them to developers?

GenericNameHere1839d ago

I'm now going to call journalists what Pachter calls his viewers on Pach-Attack, Crybabies. Adam Sessler is not a videogame journalist anymore. Adam Sessler is a crybaby... Hmm that actually sounds nice.

cyguration1839d ago

I'll be honest... I laughed at the mention of Sessler being a crybaby.

Boody-Bandit1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

"Adam Sessler is a crybaby"

Couldn't have said it better.

SpinalRemains1381838d ago

He has a pacifier clipped to his yarmulke I hear.

fenome1839d ago

Here's the cloak and dagger video he's talking about. I know there's a link in the article, but in case someone missed it. This video is better than the one up there ^


fenome1839d ago

Apparently you guys don't like the Jimquisition video? lmao

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The story is too old to be commented.