10 PS4 Games We Want Announced

CCC Says: "On the evening of November 14, Spike TV will be hosting a PS4 All Access event in New York City. Geoff Keighley has confirmed via Twitter that several unannounced PS4 games will be revealed at this event, and that customers waiting in line for their consoles can watch the show on either their tablets or mobile phones.
In an effort to get the ball rolling on what titles will be announced, I comprised a list of the top ten PlayStation 4 games that should be revealed. Feel free to have a look at the list, and let me know if you agree or disagree with some of the choices I’ve made in the comments section below."

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-Foxtrot1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Heavenly Sword II - Yes

Little Big Planet 3 - Long as it's a "game changer"...maybe 3D levels you can create.

God of War IV - Rather SSM give the series a rest for now

PS All-Stars PS4 Edition - Only if it's a sequel where it's more like Smash Bros. No more super's to kill someone, give us a health bar, characters we actually want (if the PS4 does well maybe we'll see this), more modes and better support.


Ratchet & Clank Next-Gen - Like God of War give the series a break

Uncharted 4 - Please be at the VGA's

Ares84HU1839d ago

All I want is Uncharted 4. If that is the single PS4 game that will come out next year I'm happy.

ShinMaster1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

* Uncharted with some new gameplay mechanics, maybe something along the lines of TLoU's weapon upgrades and no 2-weapon limit would be awesome.

* LBP3 with a 3D world creator? Yes please. Although I still love me some 2D platforming.

* Heavenly Sword 2 wouldn't work because Nariko is dead.

* A PS All-Stars fighting game ... I don't know. It should be like Marve Vs Capcom. But that's just me. People are either saying it's a clone of SSB or it's not enough like SSB.

* I'd give GOW a break for now, unless the formula changes.

* Syphon Filter? YES please!

* The Last Guardian needs to come out.

* A new Ratchet & Clank game with it's pseudo RPG features fleshed out a bit more (ala Mass Effect) and if they bring back the usual writer for the project. I'm totally down with that.

I_am_Batman1839d ago

While I do agree that the God of War franchise could use a break it's too exciting to imagine how it could be like on the PS4. I think a 2016-2017 release would be ideal.

Ares84HU1839d ago

2016-2017???? That's too far away. I say a Viking age GoW with a new hero in late 2014 or early 2015.

Destrania1839d ago

If a Norse Mythology God of War gets announced my mind will explode! Again! Maybe Kratos gets sent to that universe somehow haha.

I_am_Batman1839d ago

@Ares: GoW 3 was 2010. GoW:A was 2013. I think 2016 would be ok. 2014 would be way to soon imo. Also I don't like the idea of changing mythology cause it wouldn't fit into the world. Don't get me wrong norse mythology is my favorite mythology of all but it wouldn't make sense to tie it in the GoW setting.

If anything Santa Monica should make a new IP with another mythology. But if they would make a new IP I'd rather see something completely different from GoW.

pyramidshead1839d ago

Lol I'm the same. A part of me doesn't mind if they make another GOW game and it bombs, and the story is like he kills himself and then his family and his family are gods and they kill him again because he's killed them everyone.

Just wanna witness that epic ancient mythical greek art direction in glorious next gen native 1080p spectacular

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tdogchristy901839d ago

If giving gow a break, I'd give uncharted a break. Both are great franchise and as such should be let to go out on top. Not to mention both kind of wrapped up what stories that had. Also it's the start of a new gen so nice time for a new experience from such great devs. I'm not saying kill it completely but give drake a rest so he doesn't go down cod/AC road.

Ares84HU1839d ago

What story did Uncharted wrap up?? Each game had a totally different story on it's own.

As for GoW, yeah that did wrap up. That is why they should introduce a new hero in the Viking age. Now that would be pretty amazing.

-Foxtrot1839d ago


God of War has been around since the PS2 and has had a ton of spin off games

Uncharted has only had three main games and one spin off.

Oh and Uncharted never wrapped up overall story since each game is an individual story while God of War did.

I_am_Batman1839d ago

Uncharted is a series that never feels old imo. Every game feels like a completely new adventure and I wouldn't mind the series going on for a long time tbh.

GoW on the other hand is complete. I could imagine a new beginning with the primordials coming to the world in chaos and create a new world.

XisThatKid1839d ago

I agree besides the Smash bros thing if that't the case I'd just play Smash bros and If they can get the licenses for characters you want. Other than that I SECOND!!!!

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Darkfire3691839d ago

Another one I would add, would be Demon's Souls 2, though it seems unlikely seeing how Dark Souls 2 is coming out next year.

howittsdone1839d ago

I think this is a possibility. Miyazaki is not working on dark souls 2 and only has a supervisory role for the game.
What I would like even more though would be a collaboration with Sony on making a spiritual successor to Dark Souls. Just think of it, a spiritual successor of a spiritual successor! j/k. I would love to see him get back into the souls series.

MacTastic1839d ago

All for Agent and Uncharted but please not another God of War. And more original IPs.

jay21839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Heavenly Sword II - Yes

Little Big Planet 3 - No, new IP Please
God of War IV - ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

PS All-Stars PS4 Edition -NO!

Ratchet & Clank Next-Gen - No
Uncharted 4 - Got a feeling it'll be a new IP, TLOF2 on PS3,
Getaway 3/8 Days. Yeah right, London have gone the way of Rare :'(
Syphon Filter would be great.
The Last Guardian got to be
Ratchet & Clank Next-Gen few yrs.

Ares84HU1839d ago

You should read your comment over again. You posted R&C twice with two different answers. So which is it?? No or in a few years??

remanutd551839d ago

In order of anticipation:
1. The Last Guardian
2. Motorstorm World Tour ( set in exotic places )
3. Warhawk 2
4. Resistance 4 ( yea i love Resistance)
5. Heavenly Sword 2
6. Folklore 2
7. Syphon Filter
8. Eight Days
9. Uncharted 4
10. MAG 2

of course i want new IPs and i know we are going to get them, heck sony already announced 3 of them ( Knack, Rime, The Order 1886)

C0LLAT1839d ago

Syphon Filter was the shit back in the day!!!

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