New videos show how horrible Battlefield 4 netcode is

A string of new videos show just how horrible the Battlefield 4 netcode is.

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Regis1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

You completely missed the first shot, 2nd shot not much better, the only bad thing was when the lag kill happened, but not only that your head still shows on top of the concrete wall unless prone.

aceitman1867d ago

and the 3rd shot he hit the wall, lame.

ATiElite1867d ago

1st Shot = MISS
2nd SHot = Bigger Miss
3rd shot = Miss (you shot the Wall)

then guy gets shot but the death animation was LAGGED not the KILL! Enemy sniper clearly knew where he was at and you can see the bullet trail hit him just fine but the Death animation was LAGGED.

Learn to shoot before complaining about BF4 netcode.

A Patch is coming for real game issues.
NO patch is coming for LAME Gamers who can't aim but there is an APP for that, it's called go play COD!

venom061867d ago

the netcode IS NOT an issue in BF4 anymore than it was in BF3... some Youtuber started this STUPID A$$ idea, and now, all of clueless people in this community has this ingrained into their brains thinking this is an issue when it really isnt... word of advice, USE THE NETWORK SMOOTHING FACTOR IN THE OPTIONS.... it helps tremendously with latency issues..

Nafon1866d ago

Seriously though... I feel like the people that are complaining about netcode are either bad or stupid. Being able to be play with people thousands of miles away with only milliseconds of lag is extremely impressive. Netcode can only do much when latency is involved.

Autodidactdystopia1867d ago

"Netcode"= New buzzword for the masses who have no clue how difficult it is to synchronise 65 computers/consoles from anywhere in the world to less time than it takes a bullet to travel.

There's gonna be problems that's just how it is.

Everybody sayin netcode like it didn't just pop up on the map.


ginsunuva1866d ago

Hence why we need cloud-rendered multiplayer games, so that the maps and common features are rendered only once on the server, and any update to the server will automatically be synced on all the users who are constantly pulling from that single data.

Autodidactdystopia1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

That's how it works already bro.

Actually rendering happens on your computer, however all actions aside from cosmetic stuff like trees blowing in the wind is handled on the server, then all of the connected pc's or consoles update from it.

essentially all of the connected pc's mime what the server is telling them is happening.

clientside has little to no control over what is happening in game besides transmitting info about the players position, vector pitch yaw weapon ammotype the server then decides if you actually hit what you think you just shot.

pixelsword1866d ago (Edited 1866d ago )

"You completely missed the first shot, 2nd shot not much better, the only bad thing was when the lag kill happened, but not only that your head still shows on top of the concrete wall unless prone."

It's an odd coincidence that I saw a JFK vid not too long before I read your comment.

Regis1866d ago

Great now you made me depressed thanks for the lol on the comment cause I can see that, but bad that I laughed at that.

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TripC501867d ago

I came to find out what a netcode was. I'm lame :/

like this video

ATiElite1867d ago

The part of a game or application that handles the communication between the clients, server and/or peers.

Basically the Network COde syncs up your actions and other gamers actions with what's going on in the game.

swishersweets200311867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

this is a bad example of the netcode issues, but they are terrible. i know alot of you dont want to hear anything bad about your fav game but this game is just riddled with issues. It will resets your stats sometimes, it doesnt save your game saves, no hit markers, grenades that can blow you up from 40 meters away, no squad up before server joins, crashes pcs, freezes ps3s and xboxs, get shot behind cover, get shot when people are not even in sight, it lags horribly sometimes.
I love bf but this game should of been delayed for a few months.

FunkMacNasty1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

I agree. Battlefield is def my favorite online shooter, and I'm having loads of fun with BF4, but it is far from perfect. ESPECIALLY on current gen.. Biggest problem I have with BF4 on ps3 is that most textures take at least 15 seconds to load and some textures don't load at all. I was running up to one of the top floors in one of the buildings in Flood Zone map and I thought it was weird that the floors were accessed by running up ramps.... then the stairs popped in; it wasn't a ramp. Even with the network smoothing turned to 100% BF4 looks terribile, graphically (on current gen). Also have experienced a few random episodes of freezing (mostly in the loading screen, right at the start of a match, where you normally customize loadout and select spawn point.

XisThatKid1866d ago

Agreed not to do a direct comparison and I'm in no way dissing its competitor but It's pretty obvious that BF4 was developed and optimized for next gen and CoD for current but not limited to ya know. Mind you I have seen CoD on X1 in person. It's not bad in anyway but I see that early platform stage hiccups. Nowhere near a game breaker though.

e-p-ayeaH1867d ago

Better start using machine guns lol

BX811867d ago

I noticed a problem when using the sniper class as well. Sometimes the hit detection is off.

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