Call of Duty: A Graphical Evolution 2003-2013

Another year, another COD, another graphics comparison.

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ritsuka6661447d ago

Evolution implies change. I see nothing after Modern Warfare 4. This game haven't progressed an inch.

TripC501447d ago

Why evolve when you are already top dog in your species? Change will come when pressure is applied.
PS. I think COD blows.

decrypt1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Why change when consolers will gulp it down like sheep anyways lol.

Same game reskinned year on year for more than half a decade, console gamers happily bought it. No need to improve.

BozoLoco1447d ago

Modern Warfare 4? Did I miss a game?

snipab8t1446d ago

Man that smoke in COD 2 was so amazing at the time. COD 4 looked fantastic when it came out aswell. I swear it was photo realistic.

-Superman-1446d ago

Cod1 to Cod 2 big jump
Cod 3 to Cod 4 big jump
cod 4,5,6,7,8... all same

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kratos_TheGoat1446d ago

all look the same except for the goty Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Furesis1446d ago

i think modern warfare 2 was the best looking out of all of them it had nice colors and good maps but it was pretty bullshit game at times

OMNlPOTENT1446d ago

there was clearly an upgrade from mw1 to mw2 but that's pretty much where it stopped.

obelix011446d ago

World at war is my favorite. It was the darkest single player. Last days of WW2. MP was fun you could use tanks. It definitely didn't have a cheap feeling. No quick scoping or lousy maps.

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