Industry, critics fighting PR battle ahead of GTA 4 release

Via Ars Technica: "As of this writing, the release of Gran Theft Auto IV is a little more than four days away. The game is heading to retailers who are taking as many preorders as possible, promising a sellout. Gamers have begun to agonize over the game across the online forums and blogs, poring over trailers, information, interviews... a new Grand Theft Auto title is a big event in the world of gaming. It's also a big event for both sides of the debate over gaming-media watchdogs and the industry included. Both sides of the violent gaming debate are posturing and positioning themselves to get their messages out about the goodness or evils of gaming as the release date nears."

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GavLam883863d ago

"The mayor does not support any video game where you earn points for injuring or killing police officers," Jason Post, a spokesman for Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, told the New York Daily News in 2007.

Pornlord3863d ago

They checked my ID at Gamestop for my preorder. It would be a shame if some unsuspecting clerk got caught by a media trap by a minor buying this game. They are making no attempt at hiding the copies or the ads however. I'm of age, so I really don't care. Just wondered if any retail stores in any of your areas are taking measures, out of curiosity.

Pornlord3863d ago

Yeah, that is rediculous, you don't get points for that, you get into trouble and are hunted down?? What's wrong with that lesson, you do something wrong, and you get busted or killed for it??? I'm just playing devils advocate there though mind you :)

Json 3603862d ago

who cares about him anymore?just give me the Ps3 version with free online play and I'm good to go.