New ‘NBA LIVE 14′ Screenshots To Behold

EA Sports has released some new screenshots from NBA LIVE 14.

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Bigpappy1839d ago

Not ugly. But show some gameplay.

Justino3651839d ago

I hope it get's ported to the vita! I'll definitely buy it!

chanto231839d ago

just buy it for the ps4 and remote play it on the vita

toddybad1839d ago

is it just me who doesn't see the point of remote play if you have to be sat in the same building as the ps4?
Would be great if you could take a vita on holiday and play your ps4 games but instead we have a bizarre situation where you can play remotely only nearby.

OrangePowerz1839d ago


It doesn`t say only playable at home, but obviously you will need a very good connection to have it running in a way that is useful away from home. It`s streaming over the internet I don`t know what people expect. There won`t be a magical connection between the devices that removes latency and the requirement for a fast internet connection.

Godz Kastro1839d ago

@toddy... I don't get it either.

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