Fully Priced Digital Download Titles Are for the Sake of Increasing Value, Says Iwata

Ever wondered why Nintendo’s digital software prices were equal to their retail counterparts? Nintendo President Satoru Iwata explains their strategy.

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zeal0us1839d ago

Its a bad move on Nintendo part. With new consoles just around the corner, the WiiU needs to standout. For the sake increasing value won't help your console sell better.

rambi801839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

every time i decide to buy a 3ds game, psn or steam just goes "yoink" with some sale or discount.

Its getting increasingly hard to justify nintendo's prices. I bought 2 fatal frame games, puppeteer, siren and the infamous dlc for the same price as donkey kong

InTheZoneAC1839d ago

I bought a 3ds xl when pokemon y came out and the only other game besides virtual console, which is lacking btw, was super mario 3d land.

I also got a wii u when wind waker hd came out, only other game is NSMB2.

I'm waiting on many games to have a price drop, if ever, like paper mario, donkey kong country returns 3d, the new donkey kong, but they're asking full price for the older games, it's stupid.

psn blows every other service out of the water with free games and discounts.

Eonjay1839d ago

"Fully Priced Digital Download Titles Are for the Sake of Increasing Value"

... the value of what? Stock share prices?

TheDivine1839d ago

Rambi you bought a bunch of downloadable and classic games. They were talking full games at full price similar to how all new games are 60 dollars on psn and never drop in price for ages. Its the same thing. I could buy Shovel Knight, Super Mario Wold, Super Metroid, and Ducktales Remastered all for the price of Killzone Shadowfall. Does this mean Sony should sell KZ for twenty bucks?

We just had MH Tri G on sale for half off or so, Resident Evil Revelations was only ten bucks as was RE The Mercinaries. Atlus had ten bucks off all games. Are these the prices you can't justify? Seems like you could buy three full games for the price of one vita game. How does Sony justify their prices? /s

I think all digital games on all systems need to be priced cheaper than retail. I never buy digital anyways and never will unless its a full game for dirt cheap or a good downloadable game like Shadow Complex, Shovel Knight, or Limbo. I'd never buy a full vita, 3ds, ps4, or xbone game digitally. Its the same price with no resale value, no collectors value, and no physical media to lend around. All three console makers are crazy, hell even steam overcharges on new games. People only mention the sales when you can get a year old game for five bucks. They don't mention buying the new game for 50-60 with no manual, box, disk, and a mandatory online connection. Just saying.

rambi801839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )


Here's a question then.

Max payne was released last year and i bought it for $8 a few months back.

Do you think nintendo will allow any of their 3ds games to hit this price? because from what i can tell, the answer is no.

My broad point is that in terms of value for money, i have been led elsewhere

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Timesplitter141839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

it's really easy for them to just say that but not actually do anything about increasing value.

I doubt things happened like : "Hmm how can we increase the value of our games? Oh yeah we just have to go digital only so we can put more money in the production!"

It was more like : "Ok so we'll go digital only to avoid piracy problems now we gotta come up with a good excuse"

Concertoine1839d ago

what? they aren't digital only. not even close >_>

rainslacker1839d ago

I believe Nintendo wants to go all digital. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if their next console(whether handheld or home) is all digital. They do everything they can to promote digital over retail, and I understand why, but they have some shady practices. Things like withholding retail supply, not dropping prices in line with retail as quickly, games tied to the system instead of the account, are ways to force people to use digital.

Even Iwata says that once people purchase digitally, they are more likely to do so again. Hook em' once, then reel them in.

Magicite1839d ago

This Iwata guy just needs to shut up.

Concertoine1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

For the sake of not pissing off the precious retailers.*
although they had an excellent deal with SMT IV and FE:A where you bought both and got 30 bucks of credit for free. that was a great promotion and i bought a game i wouldn't have otherwise bought (and enjoyed it)

JohnS13131839d ago

What is this article talking about? If you buy a digital game from Sony and Microsoft you pay the regular price too. They're all the same. The main reason I see for it to be this way is to not get the stores upset. IF they drop $10 from the price for digital versions of games stores might say we won't sell your games and consoles anymore.

parentoftheyear1839d ago

Ya. Never been a fan of digital downloads unless its a mini or something under $5. Because of the way game prices drop sometimes overnight. Most expensive game I bought was oblivion on Xbox for $10 lol and my bf4 ps4 game for $9.99 but doesn't really count I guess cause I have to have my ps3 disc thank god so I don't have to use 100gb of space lol. Or whatever it ends up being.

Pillsbury11839d ago

You do realize you are going to have to download the FULL digital game of bf4 to ps4 right? The disc is there to check if you own the ps3 version.

Yep1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I'm guessing not enough people are speaking with their wallets for Nintendo to take any notice of such a concern, as he goes on to cite 4 games as having good enough sales digitally and packaged.

Noticeably, he doesn't cite any Wii U games, but perhaps that has to do with the fact that they haven't made a significant enough push to warrant and any concern.

Dunban671838d ago

How many digital sales are enough according to Nintendo? It could be 1 game or it could be 100,000+ games- we do not know-

Their digital sales are rising because The Wii U and recently the 3DS are their fist real effort to cultivate that market- So they had a very low base of digital sales to start with so practically any # is a "rise in digital sales".

How would they know how many people are not buying digital- I have bought/wil buy some digital download only e-shop games (typically $10 and less only) and I bought 1 digital retail game off the eshop at Christmas eve because I was worried I did not have enough for my Son - but I would not do it again as it was a game I wish I cold trade in/sell- I typically keep games I think are good and get rid of the disappointments- but you can t get any "value" if you make a mistake buying a digital retail game-

Also the games are tied to the console not your own account which is archaic and makes no sense for consumers - MSFT and Sony (far more advanced in digital sales don t tie them to the console-
As time goes on and more peoples Wii U and/or 3DS's break, get lost or are stolen, there will be more people complaining about the way the games are tied to the console

Naturally business s are there to make money- there is absolutely nothing wrong w that- If they do not they won t exist long- Most people who I see being critical of Nintendo s business practices are doing so because they see vey clearly the mistakes Nintendo are making and do not want to see the Wii U fail or Nintendo continue to make mistakes because it is costing them their reputation and as far as the Wii U goes it is costing them a lot of money

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