New Killer Instinct Screenshots Showcase Customization Options and Accessories for Fighters

Microsoft Game Studios just released eleven new screenshots of the Xbox One launch game Killer Instinct.

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Deadpool6161839d ago

This is the game I want the most next gen. It's good to see they're making additional content for the players to customize their characters with. Double Helix is doing a great job. I really hope there is a PC port of the game eventually.

I_am_Batman1839d ago

KI is one game that makes me envy you guys since I'm not getting an Xbox One. I'm a huge fighting game fan and this looks like a lot of fun.

Slothnut1839d ago

I love that its f2p. Gonna be a ton of players online

link2Dpast1839d ago

Game looks great. So many people seem to put it down. The idea of customization is something different. This game really stands out compared to the typical fighter. They seem to really be trying. Nor picking up the system hopefully branches out and losses its exclusivety. Would love to pick this up

LordStig1839d ago

The hate for this game has died down quite a lot since EVO where it was booed at by the audience. The only thing you'll see people complain about now is that it's on the Xbox one.

Loki861839d ago

Rotating free character for f2p version is amazing addition.

aviator1891839d ago

Wasn't expecting customizing, pretty cool.