Gran Turismo 6 - All The Compatible Racing Wheels (Team VVV)

VVV: "Polyphony Digital has confirmed all of the peripherals that will be officially supported on Gran Turismo 6, and (as expected) you'll only need to invest in a new wheel for the most part if you're planning on upgrading from what you used to race on Gran Turismo 5 with."

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OrangePowerz1836d ago

G27 lower end of the price range? It doesn`t have the high price of the T500, but it`s certainly not at the lower end of the price range and it is an excellent racing wheel.

Varmint1836d ago

Agreed! Bought mine last year; haven't looked back since.

Knushwood Butt1836d ago

Yes! G25!

Thank you Polyphony / Sony.