Possible Next Assassin's Creed Setting Hinted in Black Flag

Eskimo Press: Many a gamer is currently sailing the virtual high seas, pillaging and plundering, in Assassin's Creed IV that released last week. Many claim that ACIV is the best in the series yet, and more are saying that it's the best pirate game available. The time period and setting for any Assassin's Creed game are equally important as the characters you control and the historical figures you interact with. We all love guessing what the next setting will be, but has it already been hinted at in Black Flag?

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Lucreto1867d ago

I would like to see

Ancient Egypt- Alexander the Great time period

Ancient Rome- I know Rome has been done before but back in it hayday

Victorian England- Very good lots of possibilies

French Revolution- Off with his head

I don't want another American one after the last one for a while at least.

Pintheshadows1867d ago

I said before 3 that I think Victorian London would best fit the gameplay of the Assassin's Creed series due to the architecture of that period. That might seem an odd thing to focus on but I feel it is something that is considered at Ubisoft before they go ahead.

-Foxtrot1867d ago

Female Assassin - WW1 Era - All men are off to war - Assassin explores London while war is going on someplace else.

Would be a nice change to be set during the war without having the need to actually be in know the actual fight.

See what templars are doing behind the scenes.

Vojkan1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

I would like to see this IP die.
AC2, ACB were amazing, everything else was trash.
Revelations was ok only because it ended Ezio story arc, and with that I am done with this IP.

I purchased AC3 new, played 6 hr and was done, just to be clear.

titletownrelo1867d ago

what do you think of a game taking place in the isolationist Japan era? Ninjas/Samurais. And then you have the whole cultural clash when the Westerners arrive with their steamboats and rifles.

Zeniix1867d ago

Come on what about something in Asia, would love to see that happen

kB01867d ago

Ancient China imo, Ancient Egypt to me will resemble AC 1 too much. I still think it would be cool, but it would be nice to hit the Asias as well:D

Also a 1900s one would be cool too:) for 1900s New york:)

Darkfire3691867d ago

I think they just released their plan for the next few years. Since it seems like AC1-3 (including BH and Revelations)'s settings are there, the others might indicate settings for the future entries. we're talking.

extermin8or1867d ago

If they go to a new assassin though that info is irrelevant... they've missed that french revolution is in there... and 20th century "summer of love" hahaha and some other interesting settings :p

Crossbones1867d ago

About time they go to Japan!!!!

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