Telltale Made The Right Choice Making Clementine The Protagonist In Season 2 Of The Walking Dead

Gamers-Association: "There is a lot of talk online saying that the Clementine story should be left alone. That the emotional conclusion to Season 1 can’t be topped, and it is just better to just leave her story open. On one hand I do kind of see where these folks are coming from, but I don’t agree with them. Making Clementine the protagonist might be the best thing Telltale could have done, because it will make me care."

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GarrusVakarian1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Its going to be interesting to see how they manage Clementine when it comes to making difficult "adult" decisions, being a child and all. Im slightly worried how they are going to portray Clem making choices that an adult playing the game has made and if it will suit her character properly.

Apart from that small worry, im really looking forward to season 2.

Chrono1839d ago

I'm not happy about this choice, they should have made the main character an adult, for example one of the 400 Days survivors, but hope this won't affect the plot negatively.

My_precious1839d ago

just make that girl have a little bit of Ellie's personaly and this game will sell like hot cake... gain...!!!

BadlyPackedKeebab1839d ago

I personally would of made each season a unique story with a unique(ish) set of characters. The season to season thread and the thing that keeps you coming back would be the Clem. The over all story would he her survival where others have come and gone. Maybe it only works if you are a farther yourself but the parental, protection thing between lee and Clem, not having complete control over her safety was what was really compelling about series 1.