PS4-compatible Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4 now available

The Turtle Beach Ear Force PX4, which is compatible with the PS4, is now shipping from Amazon.

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JoGam1835d ago

I'll buy the Sony Pulse Elite. Waiting for them to release the PS4 update.

UltimateMaster1835d ago

I think headsets will come as an update alongside Gaikai's release.
They did say that the Pulse headset would work on later with an update, so that's what I'm assuming.

4lc4pon31836d ago

These turtle beach and tritton headsets are over priced junk. Would never buy one audiophile quality only for me

darthkai1835d ago

Hating on products without recommending any alternatives is kind of pointless, don't you think?

Thevariance1835d ago (Edited 1835d ago )

My current understanding of the Elites is that they work after update 1.5, but only with limited functionality (no software specific support). Hereby I mean that you wont be able to get on screen notifications of the state of the headset and wont be able to choose between game, fps, sports etc sound functions on the headset. At least we will have surround sound and chat at launch.

Sorry, comment was directed @ Jogam

ScamperCamper1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

I think this is bogus guys. I wouldn't be running out and getting these based on this quote: (Note: There are no chat volume controls because the Bluetooth buttons and/or Talkback cable is not used) -source http://www.ps4accessories.c...

CarnageXB1836d ago

I'm pretty sure my turtle beach x11's will work for the ps4. With a 2.5 to 3.5 adapter.

Boody-Bandit1836d ago (Edited 1836d ago )

I'm waiting to see if Beyerdynamic MMX 300's will be compatible. Best PC headsets I have tried and there have been rumors most PC headsets will be compatible with the PS4. That would be awesome. That way I wont have to shell out additional coin.

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