What Do Achievements Mean To People?

Sean Halliday if Pixel Gate wirtes:

''For the last year or so I’ve not spent as much time on my 360 as I once did. There’s various reasons to why my 360 time has been cut, mostly to do with games on other systems. Back when I was more dedicated to the 360 I would spend a portion of time focused on the achievement side of things. earning gamer score was a pretty big part of my 360 experience, which I’m slightly ashamed to admit, but things have since changed.''

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GarrusVakarian1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

For some people they mean a lot, a compulsion to get every achievement/trophy. I used to care about hitting 100k gamerscore, then as soon as i hit it i stopped caring. Now i play for the experience only, couldn't care less about achievements/trophies anymore.

Although i will admit that going for plats/1000g gets you your moneys worth most of the time.

Pixelgate1839d ago

Certain games i used to aim for the max amount of achievements, but i would never do collectables. The likes of Dragon Age i enjoyed chasing the max score purely because they were mostly based on choices made in the quests.

UltimateMaster1838d ago

They mean nothing.
*Win achievement for dying 50 times, congrats looser*

aviator1891839d ago

To me, they just keep me playing games that I normally would just stop playing after I've beaten the campaign.
I would never have done mile high club on call of duty 4 without the achievement there and man, getting that achievement was liberating.
Such an insanely hard achievement to get.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1839d ago

I only try to 100% a game if I can have fun while doing it and, getting the achievements are within reason. Also more replay value.

GentlemenRUs1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Bigger E-Peens, Though I don't care less about said Achievements.

I used to 100% games without the need of Achievements back in the Sega-Megadrive/PS1 era.

I think they should bring back the 100% feeling again where you unlock something special!(E.G. Behind-The-Scenes, Artwork, Bonus Content).

CarnageXB1839d ago

Ive had the 360 since december 27th 2005. I just hit 10,000 gamer points with the release of GTA5. You tell me how much I care about them. I don't really care about them. I gamed for 10+ years before achievements on consoles. Didn't need them then, don't need them now. But I admit, its cool to see that pop up with the sound when I do get one.

Deep-throat1839d ago

Only 10k? looks like you don't play many games on your Xbox

CarnageXB1839d ago

I play mostly online. I don't hunt for achievements. I get them when I get them. But its true, I dont play alot of games. According to my xbox profile Ive played 65 xbox 360 games. That doesn't count original xbox games that Ive played on it. I only beat the campaigns of games I really like. Heck, I just beat Halo 4 by myself a few weeks ago. I never beat a halo campaign by myself. I always played it online through co-op. Before the xbox 360, I always played games with my brothers though split screen, I rarely played a game by myself. That didnt change with this gen. Only now, I play online with my brothers and buddies. I really did go off topic there, sorry.

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The story is too old to be commented.