A new Burnout could be in development?

Gamerspective -This may just be a passing comment, but Cliff Bleszinski tweeted ‘Forza and Gran Turismo are cool but I must confess Burnout will always have my heart.’, to which Alexander Ward (Creative Director of Criterion Games), tweeted back ‘Amen to that Brother Cliffy!!! Burnout will return..’. Obviously this isn’t any confirmation that a Burnout is in development, but it could be wishful thinking by the Creative Director.

Given by the success of older Burnout titles like Burnout Paradise (which is brilliant) However earlier this year, a vast amount of employees were moved tot he new EA studio ‘Ghost Games’ to continue with the Need For Speed franchise, and only a few employees are left at Criterion. So who would make a new Burnout game? Ghosts or another studio? Whatever the case I do hope for a new Burnout.

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Mikelarry1837d ago

Yup i would love another burnout. i had so much fun playing paradise please let this be real.

Crossbones1837d ago

Probably won't come out because EA has Need For Speed stuck up their a** and at the same time still won't give us another NFS Underground.

spicelicka1836d ago

Burnout revenge was amazingg. Paradise was brilliant as well but i didn't like the lack of turn arrows and how easy it was to get off track due to the open world. I never got used to the last second indicator lights:S

FAT MAN GO BOOM1836d ago

Burnout is the best Arcade racer on the PS3 it was also the best and most supported game ever… With free items and tracks and that it has to be in ant gamers top 10 for this generation ….

Are_The_MaDNess1836d ago

i agree with you that its one of the best arcade racing games out there ATM and the best of this gen. but i cant say that its THE most supported game ever......

soljah1836d ago

yep bp on ps3 is what got me started on the console. i still have a lot of peeps on my friends list that i spent months playing with.
spending hrs in the air field with friends never got old. fun times

spicelicka1836d ago

It was also on xbox-___- same exact thing.

pyramidshead1836d ago

Fantastic stuff.

pleasepleaspleaseplease be a next gen Burnout 3: Takedown.

Drainage1836d ago

yea it will return.. in 2016 at the earliest if journalists will do their job and research

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The story is too old to be commented.