Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance JetStream and Blade Wolf DLC Free on PSN This Week

It appears that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance side story DLCs are free for users on US PSN. You can freely grab both Blade Wolf DLC and JetStream Sam DLC for Revengeance.

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jc48573997d ago

jesus, I have no more space lol! 2.5GB for Jetstream.....

MazzingerZ996d ago

Just remove what you seldom play, you can always dowload again from your diwnload list

Big problems PS+ gamers have, isn't? ;-)

My_precious997d ago

i think i'll add these dlc to my download list,because i beluve that the NA+ will get MGR soon

Heisenburger996d ago

I did that myself. I'll go and download the dlc from my lust if/when I ever play Revengeance. Better to have it and not need it...

Chrono996d ago

Game is still $50 on the PSN...!

Venox2008996d ago

its still worth the price, game is awesome :) too bad I am in europe, i would love to play those dlc