Gamers, 2014 is When You Can Buy A Wii U

GaminRealm: Nintendo plans on going out of 2013 releasing only “casual” mainstream titles for the Wii U such as Super Mario 3D World, Wii Fit U and Wii Sports Club. You know, the kind of games that grandma and grandpa plays. In the hopes that it will make the console sell more but I highly doubt it. But starting next year, Nintendo will be focusing heavily on games aimed at the “enthusiastic gamer”.

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Yep1447d ago

My grandma and grandpa only watch wheel of fortune.

eagle211447d ago

Can't believe he didn't mention Mario Kart 8. That game looks like the 8th wonder. :)

jc485731447d ago

Honestly, Mario games seem pretty hardcore to me.

AKR1447d ago

The insane difficulty of collecting the Green Stars in Mario Galaxy prove that it isn't casual-only.

Just because something doesn't have blood, gore, sexual content, profanity and high amounts of violence doesn't make it "hardcore". IMO - what makes a game "causal" vs. "hardcore" is its overall playability. To me, a casual game is a game that anyone can pick up and smoothly play, while a hardcore game is something a little more of the difficult variation, that requires skill and concentration.

the worst1447d ago

ill buy the next nintendo next gen console not the wii u

Parapraxis1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I had a WiiU, it got stolen :(
I may pick one up next year if I see a good deal on Kijiji, other than that, I will wait until the holidays/2015.
Maybe by then there will be enough games to make me actually use it more than 1-2 times a month.

I have been waiting ages to get some proper Nintendo games in HD, and so far Nintendo has blown it.

Jay70sgamer1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Wow yall are getting pitiful dude said his wii u got stolen lol yeah right and the other dude said he bought it and sold it (below) because it has no games damn these trolls are getting so desperate for some type of attention lol stop with the lies you both never owned a wii u lol smdh lol terrible

Parapraxis1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

uh..yeah it was stolen.
Along with my PS3 and Xbox.

Why would I make that up? Are you mental?
This is from my Club Nintendo page
"Products Registered
Product Date Registered
Wii U Basic System Serial # GW401386*** Dec 26, 2012"
^ It was a xmas gift from my wife.

It in no way changes the fact that I had no games to play, and was waiting for ones I wanted for ages.

My WiiU ID WAS Parapraxis.
I wonder if it's being used still :/

MehmetAlperTR1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

I bought one and sold it already. Because there s no game. Atleast there s no game for me.

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