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The PlayStation 4 is just 10 days away from launch. With that, EA Sports has released a new batch of screens for its upcoming baller title. While most are impressive, other seem to fall a little flat for the next-gen console.

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jonboi241839d ago

Well EA cancel NBA Live and try again next year.....

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gusgusjr1839d ago

not horrible, but damn EA is going to have a long winter

gusgusjr1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

it's like a team that knows they're not going to make the playoffs right from training camp but still have to play because they're in the league, that's EA right now.

LaWiiG1839d ago

It just makes me wonder too about the original NBA LIVE that got canned a few years back. Maybe this is just a recycling of the older model and things they wanted to implement. Now, just with new "skin."

iceman061839d ago

Yeah...I don't know if that was by design or just a coincidence. But, they do remind me of the "cartoon" look that NBA Street had. Honestly, I'm tired of pics. Just give me a some damn gameplay...from the angle that it is supposed to be played and let me judge. I think that the 2K trailer kind of took some confidence away from the Live team because we have seen nothing but shots, dunks, post play, defense. You know, the things that matter ASIDE from graphics.

Jagsrock1839d ago

Yea it seems to be a trend with most EA sports games, they tend to stylize things way to much. And I agree I also want some un altered gameplay from both EA and 2k. 2k has had some nice looking trailers and screenshots but i'm curious to how much of it we will notice in game. I also want to see the dribble tek EA has been touting against actual defenders.

iceman061839d ago

Exactly...the dribbling looks good...but in isolation. I want to see how the defense responds to those dribbling moves. As for 2K we kind of know that, at bare minimum, it will be like 2K on current gen. I'm fine with that. But EA had the onus on them to prove that they are back. As of right now, they haven't shown anything to convince me to even try the game...let alone purchase it.

Deividas1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

This would look fine, if 2K didnt make their game. It blows this out of the water. Too bad EA, too bad. I really was excited for their game and the new Ignite engine and it has been nothing but dissapointing since the very first gameplay vid.

gedden71839d ago

lol What EA sports game truly looks Next Gen? Name 2...

Any see MLB the Show Sneak Peak or NBA 2k Next Gen?

iceman061839d ago

Madden is the closest and it's starting to show it's age behind the repeat use of stacking that same old engine.

LaWiiG1839d ago

2K football was the last franchise to bring in something "different" in terms of ye'old football application.

iceman061839d ago

@LaWiiG...No doubt!!! I am hoping against hope that the NFL won't remain exclusive at the end of this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.