Hacking next-gen gaming with Watch Dogs

We talk blurred lines and making computer cracking fun with the team behind Ubisoft’s new thriller.
The NSA scandal, PRISM, phone hacking, Wikileaks, whistleblowers. All of them have hit the headlines over the past year, and all have them share the same key concern: the value of information.

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UnrealThreats1838d ago

I really cannot wait for this game.

SnakePlissken1838d ago

Me neither, was pretty bummed when they pushed the date back!

theXtReMe11838d ago

You and me both. It was my most anticipated game. I only hope that the delay gives the game that extra polish that will make it a showcase for next generation open world titles. I also hope they take that extra time to add snow. Id love to see snow storms roll in and bury the city. Adding an extra layer of difficulty with getting around and trying to escape situations, whether that be on foot or by vehicle. That would be so cool.

Im hoping for a surprise February or March release. Though Im thinking we wont see it until June or possibly next Fall.