Hands-on unboxing of the PlayStation Camera for PS4

Nick K from PS4Daily writes:
"I have admittedly been resistant to visiting my local GameStop, but I managed to find the time for a quick pitstop and chat with the fine folks working today. To my surprise (not really) they had a bunch of PS4 accessories in stock and displayed prominently at eye level for all to see. It became instantly hard for me to resist the pull of the doey-eyed PlayStation Camera."

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KosmoCrisis1840d ago

The stand is pretty awesome. Just another accessory we don't need to buy this time around. Of course, the stand wasn't released at the same time as the PS Eye for PS3.

PositiveEmotions1840d ago

I already unboxed my ds4 and camera lol well i put my camera back in its box i only took it out for pics

hazardman1839d ago

I did same thing. Man the cam is so nice and the stand is awesome too. Already fit it to TV. The controller is very nice altjo I have s scuff near the triangle button. Feels good. Cant wait til next week!!!

PositiveEmotions1839d ago

Same here bro as for the camera i have it in its box cause i dont want dust on it until next week lol.

Greatness will await next week ^_^

weazle1839d ago

I wish he would have shown how long the cable is. Since it isn't a standard USB plug there probably isn't an extension cable that you can buy. It needs to reach from the top of my 52" TV down through my entertainment center near the floor at an angle. The cable rolled up looks pretty short.