The Hypocrisy Of The Gaming Industry Is Sickening

Eskimo Press: "The ice is cracking beneath Microsoft's feet. Statistically speaking, the PlayStation 4 is out-performing and out-selling the Xbox One. Though I do not believe that this proves that the Xbox One is in any way inferior, the way that developers and other industry professionals are carrying on is pissing me off."

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xHeavYx1868d ago

Agree that both are great consoles, but it is true that some people in the industry downplay the power difference.
Here is a video from Adam Sessler, at around the 1:37 mark he says how next gen games should be 60fps 1080p

creatchee1867d ago

Are you going to post that link in EVERY thread? You're turning into Maria.

miyamoto1867d ago

Just like Review Tech USA, Sessler he has no integrity at all!
I am really disappointed.

Its really not the hypocrisy of gaming but these so called bloggers and journalists.

No one takes a stand for the truth anymore.
M$ brought in so much politics into gaming its a complete mess.

The Power of PaybackStation 4 will straighten these people up.

The PlaySaviour 4 is coming.

sigfredod1868d ago

More than Hypocrisy is a matter of $$$ and relationships

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mochachino1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

I agree, it's ridiculous how many major sites like Gamesradar and Kotaku are downplaying Xone hardware issues. If it was reversed they'd be attacking the PS4 in every article taking about how much sharper and better things look. The true Xbox defence force is sadly the majority of gaming media.

No wonder Sony didn't want to give out free systems to them, why? So they can just rate it lower.

Gamesradar even has the gall to say that resolution doesn't matter anymore between 720p and 1080p because we sit 6-8 feet from the TV. Why have 1080p or 4K at all then if no one can ever see it. I know I certainly can. By their logic we should have just stopped at 720p. Unbelievable BS they spew. Gamers are growing up, they won't be so easily brainwashed this gen by PR and biased sites.

As far as resolution goes, it seems fanboys are in fact truly blind.

Yo Mama1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

"Where was this kind of mentality when the PlayStation 3 launched?"

Unfortunately, that's what the power of money does. When the competition is inferior, it makes people bash them for you. When you're the one who's inferior, it makes people defend you.

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