New Battlefield 4 Trailer Shows How You Can Own Flying an Attack Helicopter

Flying helicopters in Battlefield 4 is not exactly easy if you’re not used to it. Flying them in the middle of buildings without crashing into them is even harder.

Today EA DICE released a new trailer part of the usual “Only in Battlefield 4″ series.

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user74029311867d ago

dualshock 4 ready.

battlefield ready

iHEARTboobs1867d ago

Love flying helicopters in BF! Still a noob when it comes to planes though.

Detoxx1867d ago

Practice bro! And you'll become better.

iHEARTboobs1867d ago

I should but the choppers are just more fun!

Detoxx1867d ago

But the jets reign supreme ;)

mhunterjr1867d ago

I wish I could fly that well...I'm glad bf4 has a practice airfield...

Trying to learn on the fly didn't make my teammates too happy in previous games.

SITH1867d ago

Just don't push the throttle down while flying the Viper or you will find how fast the decent is and how weak the throttle up is to counter. It is insane how weak the recovery is. The AH-6J flies like a champ. I wish I could upload video of my flying. Fast insertions, fast extractions, and high speed gun runs. Can't wait to get my xbox one and show off some skill. And crashes :)

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The story is too old to be commented.