Surprise: New Wii U bundle sold out at Target, Mario is still a system seller

Target's online store has sold out of their stock of the New Super Mario Bros Wii U bundle, possibly pointing at an increase in overall system sales.

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mewhy321840d ago

Well I hope that this is a sign of things to come.

nrvalleytime1839d ago

Agreed. The Wii U might be a little low on titles at the moment, but there's never been a Nintendo console that's lacking in great games by the end of its lifetime.

Metroid, Zelda, Mario, Donkey Kong, Smash Bros - that's enough to sell me on any system, even if I have to wait for those games.

XisThatKid1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Vurtua Boy and 64DD
Nice deal though glad to see them get a win before the next gen fully starts

Neonridr1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

It's a great deal, so no surprise there. Gamestop is sold out of them too.

Moonman1839d ago

Amazon is too. You now have to order through other stores with marked up prices instead of $299.99.

KonsoruMasuta1839d ago

But... But... But nobody wants to buy Mario games anymore.

AWBrawler1839d ago

like i said: Never count out Mario during the holiday season. He's Mr.Christmas lol. Santa Plumber! Jolly Old Saint Mario. Mario Kringle. lol you get the point

Thepcz1839d ago

then i will buy.

very nice box art though

AKR1839d ago

I don't know how much more you expect them to lower the price. It's already $299. That puts it at $100 behind the PS4 and $200 behind the XBOX One.

That's 2 extra games ($100-value) or even 4 ($200).

Thepcz1839d ago

£100 behind ps4 and x1 yes.... but the wiiu is not offering the same specs. it is substantially lower, and the price should reflect that.

X1PS4WiiU1839d ago

$299.99 for an nextgen nintendo system, wii that upscales to 1080p, free internet play, big screen handheld/tablet, nsmbu (50-60 value), and luigi u(30 value). As well as being able to use wiimotes, instead of having to buy new controllers.

Thats looks like some great value to me.

meganick1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Not to mention free online, and every Wii U bundle includes a game. Plus backward compatability.

bobacdigital1839d ago

Wii U
299.99 Console + Two Games + Free Online
49.99 Wii Party U + Wii Remote
49.99 Pro Controller

For 400 bux you get 3 controllers, 3 games, motion gaming, backwards compatibility with the Wii, and free online for the same exact price of a PS4 with no online, second or third controller, or a game..

That is insane entry value for anyone... How much more did you want off before you purchase?

I believe going into thanksgiving if Nintendo plays their cards right and floods the market with bundles and some advertising parents are going to flock to it... If xmas goes well they need to pray that the hard hitters for the core gamers really carry the load.

Thepcz1839d ago

i think £199 is the right price for a wiiu with game bundle. £180 for 32gig premium.

both the zelda wind waker hd, and mario/luigi bundles are very nice... but i still think the wiiu is tipping the scale towards 'no deal' when it comes to the price

AWBrawler1839d ago

dude you get it for $300 with 2 games. That is effectively a price cut. Wii U for about $220 since the games are normally $50 and $30

bigchad1839d ago

10 days ago I got the WW HD Wii U bundle with $30 off and a free $20 gift card at Fred Meyer. So, basically I got the WW HD bundle for $250 before tax. I expect to see more deals similar to this as we get closer to the holidays and especially black friday. Just keep your eye out, a deal will be out there.

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