BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma Release Month and Limited Edition Priced

Aksys Games just recently tweeted out, confirming a release window for their newest entry in the BlazBlue series, Chrono Phantasma. The game is set to release in March of 2014 as well as a newly detailed limited edition.

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SeraphimBlade1448d ago

Soundtrack, art book, AND figurine? I'm gonna be $80 less rich come March.

[email protected]1448d ago

you, and you and three me... too xD

1448d ago
Tidybrutes1448d ago

Nice, hope Europe gets the same, love Blazblue. Such a deep fighing game.

Vandamme211448d ago

Blazblue chrono phantasm and jojo's bizzare adventure...two ps3 exclusives fighting game coming out next year.

Royzoga1448d ago

Don't forget the new Guilty Gear which is going to be Sony Console exclusive ;)

darkness6251448d ago

): why march? the english dub for the game is already finished, i don't see why i have to wait for the game for that long.

Baka-akaB1448d ago

to be fair releasing it in Fall 2013 and very early 2014 would be a kiss of death to the game . To many high profile titles and two new console releases

darkness6251448d ago

i guess you have a point.

Inception1448d ago

Damn, the same month with Dark Souls 2. And the previous month there's Tales of Symphonia.

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