Call of Duty: Ghosts PC FOV fix taken down following Activision threats

An unofficial Field of View (FOV) fix for Call of Duty: Ghosts provided by the Fovely community has been taken down following the threat of legal action from Activision. The FOV is locked at 65 on PC, which is obviously a bit rubbish, and has created demand for the ability to change it.

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RedDeadLB1837d ago

Are they trying to make themselves unlikable?

Stick891837d ago

I wasn't aware they were likeable to begin with.

decrypt1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Whoever wants to play their game anyways.. Asides consoles gamers.


Let the sales figures speak for themselves when all is said and done :P

FogLight1837d ago (Edited 1837d ago )

Wait, can someone explain to me this incomprehensible, unintelligible piece of logic please?

I don't understand why there are publishers who take down modifications for games. If it ruins MP then okay, but mods such as FOV fix, skins, outfits, and maybe new gameplay mechanics and better textures being taken down? My mind cannot process this. Also, mods can make a game sell even more. If you don't believe me then say hello to Garry's Mod.

frelyler1837d ago

I believe it has to do with them concerned about losing money when it comes to skins and game play mechanics. You can't have more fun without paying for it. As far as the FOV fix I have no idea what the logic is behind that. People own the game, they should be able to make it into whatever they want as long as they don't make money. Imagine if a car company wanted to charge you a fee for changing your own brakes, or prohibited you from doing so altogether.

FogLight1837d ago

I don't get why would they lose money though because of the mods. I have seen games like Skyrim and Garry's Mod flourish financially and in gameplay thanks to modding community like KillrateOmega said.

I seriously hope that developers would embrace modders like Bethesda are doing with Fallout and Skyrim.

KillrateOmega1837d ago


One of the bigger incentives to play Skyrim on the PC - aside from the obvious advantages of superior graphics and frame rates - is the modding community and everything they bring to the tables.

FogLight1837d ago

Exactly, mods in Skyrim made me play Skyrim for many hours than a normal person would. I can't wait for what mods that would come for future Fallout and Elder Scroll games.

iNcRiMiNaTi1837d ago

A year ago they were fine with it, now it's a threat of legal action. Wtf? Are they mad the mod community was able to do in a few minutes what they couldn't throughout the development of the game?

4lc4pon31837d ago

retarded FOV locked at 65 on PC is garbage. There is no logic to this at all. Very stupid IMO

kingduqc1837d ago

ITT: reasons why not to support shitty dev and publishers.

where are we at now: Cod 4.7?

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