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Call of Duty Ghosts Interview: Reason Behind Xbox One Version's 720p Resolution & Cloud Support

Senior Community Manager Tina Palacios details the present and future of Ghosts. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, PS4, Tina Palacios, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Idba  +   667d ago
"So when players compare that to the PS4 version which runs at native 1080p, average consumers may not see the difference but I think hardcore consumers will"

total bs
carreirabr  +   667d ago
If you have a 15" lcd, I guess.
georgeenoob  +   667d ago
Well, PS4 has frame rate issues, and both look almost the same, and on top of that there's cloud support. So which version REALLY has the edge?
fenome  +   667d ago

Whatever helps you sleep at night dude
DeadRabbits  +   667d ago

The cloud is nothing but hot air and will never materialize as you think it will!

If it not in the box then its all in your head!
Eonjay  +   667d ago
I... I just can't do this anymore. If I wanted 720P I would Remote-Play COD on my VITA.
JasonKCK  +   667d ago
PS4 version does have framerate issues. Have you people been avoiding the news all day? http://n4g.com/news/1387042...
Loki86  +   667d ago

Right MS spent 700 million dollars on hot air, we have already seen dedicated servers free for all devs and off-loading AI to the cloud and this is only launch, so how in the blue hell is this hot air. Don't answer that, I know you are trolling it just sad I have to explain this to uninformed trolls in every thread about X1.
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Freedomland  +   667d ago
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UltimateMaster  +   667d ago

"and on top of that there's cloud support"

The Cloud, which Microsoft said was going to improve graphics can't even help the game in achieving a higher resolution.
Is 60fps a frame rate issue?


"Whatever helps you sleep at night dude"

But yeah, he can always count sheep.
They're so white and fluffy they look like clouds it can really help you sleep at night.
princejb134  +   667d ago

Cloud support lol
I thought cod ghost was getting dedicated servers on Xbox
If you look at cod forums all you hear is people complaining of lag everywhere
mewhy32  +   667d ago
Most people are going to see the difference. 720p vs 1080p is a huge, i mean, huge difference. The bigger the screen you play on the worse 720p will look. Just get a PS4 and get a much more powerful machine for less money. It's a no brainer. i can't understand why people can't get that.
Brix90  +   667d ago

You guys realize PC has been having problems with this game as well as BF4. So I guess you guys are saying that PC can't run a steady frame rate either lol.
Infintiy ward will release an update to fix this by the time the PS4 launches but hey you guys can keep pushing that campaign all day but I think you can't stand that the PS4 is graphically superior.
deecee33  +   666d ago
The XB1 version seems to have the same framerate issues as the PS4. Watch the videos linked here: http://m.n4g.com/news/13872...

Plenty of dips for both consoles. Hopefully it's fixable with a patch.
Gekko36  +   666d ago

Don't be an arse hole!

I have a 60" 1080p telly with Bru Ray (lol) and don't see any difference between dvd upscaled and bru ray native.

So how the hell am I gonna care about upscaled or native on a game

My eyesight is ok, but wear glasses so what I see is sharp, but I just don't get an orgasm over the resolution... Do you?
Kleptic  +   666d ago

serious question...does the 360, PS3, PC, and PS4 versions not have dedicated servers? is the xbox one the only version to have dedicated servers for multiplayer?

unless that is the case...how is this 'cloud' any benefit whatsoever to the consumer?...you know, the people that blatantly defend it like it makes it better for them specifically...I mean listen to some of you...look how you defend ways for Activision to facking save money, even when it makes no discernible difference for yourself...do you really care who owns the servers you're playing on that much????

"My xbox one saved one of the world's largest game publishers some money when they made the next iteration of the highest selling video game franchise of all time!!!!!!!! I use this to justify my warped purchasing decisions!!!!"...
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donman1  +   666d ago

You do realize by now the under-powered XboxOne have the same issues.

avengers1978  +   666d ago
@george there are issues with COD on all platforms, even XB1. You should make better use of that bubble
USA007  +   666d ago
@JasonKCK The article says they happen occasionally and briefly, and who is to say there is no issues on X1? As any official info is blocked by MS?

@Loki86 You know those servers aren't being provided free, devs still have to pay for them
Daz  +   667d ago
ok lets test and find out shell we? you go and show 2 games side by side and see who is right.
Its the only way to find out
I think people are really good at pixal counting.
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I_am_Batman  +   667d ago
Has nothing to do with pixelcounting when the result is obviously better. The only reasons I can imagine for not being able to see a difference are:

1. Your TV is too small.*
2. Your viewing position is way to far away from the TV.*
3. You have a 720p TV.*
4. You are blind.*

*"You" refers to anyone who claims to be unable to see a difference.
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medman  +   667d ago
Sure Daz..that's why when folks go television shopping, they prefer the 720p model over the 1080p model. Use some common sense. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize the difference in resolution between the two is significant.
Daz  +   667d ago
I think you got the wrong end of what i mean :p

so 720 and 1080 on a tv setup yes you will tell the difference.

But i say 720 upscaled to 1080 you will not tell the difference in games.
KingTrash  +   667d ago
I care about graphics a lot but the truth of the matter is that you can not see the difference between native and upscaled 1080p! At least not on the 1080p uncompressed BF4 footage that I watched on my 55 inch 1080p TV. If anything, I saw the X1 footage looking better at points but really, they were almost exact. If there was a big difference, I'd get a PS4 at launch instead. I'm no fanboy. I have no problems changing my mind if there is a good reason but there just isn't.
Dehnus  +   667d ago
1. Who are you to tell me my TV is too small?
2. Who are you tell me I should put my nose against the screen of my compact TV in my apartment?
3. Okay.
4. Hurtful to the blind and to people who do not want 40 inch TV's for whatever reason but more for the blind.

Seriously I have a 27 inch Computer Monitor for a TV, and for my apartment that is quite enough. I don't watch actual TV I just stream movies from my PC and play Wii U on it. I do not want that thing to dominate my entire living room thank you very much! I'm not a bloody American!
Ju  +   666d ago
It really doesn't matter if upscaled or not. The scaler might apply some filtering while scaling, but the image just won't contain more information than a 720p frame. Interpolation can make it a bit smoother, but also blurrier. You are not magically getting half pixels or anything. TVs can scale, too. And yet nobody claims this would look better than native 1080.
boneso82  +   666d ago
It really really annoys me when people say they can't tell the difference between 720p and 1080p, or 30fps and 60fps. What the fuck are you looking at? This type of comment has been made over and over again since way before next gen consoles were announced. It truly baffles, bemuses and vexes me to hear "30fps and 60fps games look the same to me" it either that they can't see, or don't want to see the difference. If its the former then they need their eyes checked... Mental!

And for people who say they don't care if the game is 1080p/60 or 720p/30, well fuck me, you may as well skip next gen altogether and stick with a PS2. Because the difference in SD to 720p is actually smaller than the difference between 720p and 1080p, and resolution doesn't matter anyway right? Why aren't you all still gaming on standard definition consoles?
I_am_Batman  +   666d ago

You're asking who I am? You really must be blind since you can't even read my nickname ... I am Batman!

All right jokes aside for a moment. You have a 27 inch TV? Good for you. I couldn't care less what kind of TV you're looking at. All I did was giving a couple of reasons to why some people aren't seeing a difference between 720p and 1080p. I seriously fail to see how you got offended by that. I apologize for providing some information to people that might not have the knowledge.

Oh and for the 4th point being hurtful to the blind ...

... Is it possible to be hurtful to the blind by writing something? Think about it.

You really shouldn't take everything someone writes dead serious. Take it easy.
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KingTrash  +   666d ago
@boneso82 You obviously have no clue what you're talking about if you think the difference between 720p to 1080p is greater than the difference from SD to 720p. It doesn't matter if the # difference is greater. As resolution gets into higher territory, it's harder for the human eye to see the difference. At a certain point, there isn't as much payoff. It's like Apple with the retina display at 326 ppi. They're saying that at that point, you can no longer see individual pixels so you can increase resolution all you want but it won't make much difference on a 3.5 or 4 inch screen. The same goes for this scenario. I'm not saying there's no difference but with an upscaled 1080p picture, it will definitely be hard to see the difference. Just wait until you actually see them running next to each other.
PsychoSupaman  +   666d ago
Well, I have a 4k tv and am getting an Xbox One because guests what "I" like. Dont understand why ppl care so much about what others spend they're $$ on.
s8anicslayer  +   667d ago
"Kurtis Simpson: With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, do you think these consoles are at a point where they can deliver the perfect Call of Duty experience?

Tina Palacios: No, I think there is a lot of learning to be done with the next gen consoles. Take a look at Call of Duty 2 on Xbox 360 or Modern Warfare on the PlayStation 3, there is huge graphical difference. Who knows what our games will look like in the future but I definitely know that it is going to be huge improvements and it is just going to be because of the time that we will spend with [next gen] consoles."

Even Tina thinks the graphics are dated, what bothers me the most about this is that Titanfall runs on this same dated engine and Mark has stated that it looks 720p also, I only hope that with the extra dev time Respawn has with Titanfall they can get through the bottlnecks and get Titanfall native 1080p at 60fps.
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4logpc  +   667d ago
Titanfall runs on source
Dark_Overlord  +   667d ago
I thought Titanfall used Valves source engine?

yep it does


IHassounah  +   667d ago
What ??? Titanfall runs on Valve's Source Engine
jgrigs09  +   667d ago
I haven't seen Xbox One version. But PS4 isn't amazing. So I don't expect to be far better looking :/ I'm referring to call of duty. :p
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Edward75  +   667d ago
I disagree with you IDBA, sadly I know many people who buy less then 5 games a year, of those people it really doesn't matter too much how the game looks. This gen, many (I live in the USA) bought the 360 version just because many friends had a 360. They wouldn't care one bit how it looks compared to the other system.

Here is the biggest reason why only hardcore people will notice... We only look at sights like this. After the average consumer gets their system, they don't ever try to compare between the two. They pick the system based on friends, commercials, things like that.... Not differences in console graphics. Remember this is the average person.... We that's at in N4G aren't average. :)
Idba  +   667d ago
You dont have to e a hardcore gamer to see the difference in su HD and Full HD. Also the average consumer picks the system that has the best versions of the games he wants and offers the est service and all-around package for the price. Me and my friends are choosing PS4 because it costs less, it has the best versions of the games we are going to buy and that offers the most for the price you pay.
Gekko36  +   666d ago
@Edward75 Agreed Man


My Friends and I are chosing the X1 because it's got kinect 2.0 a massive overhaul of xbox live with dedicated servers and games like Rise, Forza and a bunch of stuff we like.

We are grownups so couldn't give to sh!ts about the cost and none of us care about this resolution guff. We all have Xbox 360 and like it so are sticking X1 this time round too, because we can and because we love to play and can't wait to find out how kinect will be utilised 12 or 18 months down the line.

I've never cared about resolution or about the opinions of some of the spotty oik fans on here.

Be cool man. STFU and Game Man :D
KimoNoir  +   667d ago
Its correct to a certain extent that the average consumer likely wont get the difference. Usually hardcore gamers will notice.

Ive had many people come over to watch me play my pc games (COD, BF3, Crysis etc.) on my big screen 1080p screen and a lot of them dont realize the graphical leap for the initial 30 minutes of watching/playing. People hear "the graphics are way better on the pc cause the pc is way stronger than consoles" and they expect the game (multi-platform like COD) to look drastically different in terms of crazy graphical improvement but its not. The game just looks drastically sharper and pure because of the increased resolution to 1080p. (playing maxed out on most games).

If anything, all I hear most of the time is "that looks really clear compared to the xbox version of COD"

People just aren't cultured enough to understand the difference between 720 and 1080p. If youre a pc gamer like me and youve messed (experimented) with options for hours on end - you would definitely understand the difference because of the increased visual field, sharpness, texture clarity etc.

Honestly, ive followed many of the comments these past few months about the ps4/xbox and what ive drawn as an observation is that it is clear that the ps4 is the winner here but even most of yall are just blabbering about 1080p gaming but a majority of yall havent actually played to see how it really is (no offense, its beautiful in 1080p nonetheless.). The problem is that when you guys (xbox vs ps4 fans) compare consoles and yell around about resolution, i can clearly see that none of the sides know what 1080p 60fps is like because
1. Xbox fans are saying it doesnt matter. Which i do understand because they really dont know what theyre missing if they havent experienced it at all on any consoles.

2. Ps4 fans are trying so hard to make xbox fans understand that 1080 is the shit and it makes games look godlike (especially if its running in 60fps ) but there are no videos that show it because youtube videos are highly compressed into 1440x900p (roughly from what i remember) and from there is upscaled to 1920x1080 (non native).

Point being- all this arguing about 1080p 60fps is pointless because most of you guys will never see it and know it till you can get your hands on something that does run 1080p because nothing on the internet shows ps4 and xb one games in pure uncompressed footage in 1080p.
On top of the fact that many of you probably dont have a pc with enough hardware capability to be able to run that super high quality (1920x1080p @ 60fps/60hz). On top of having a 1080p monitor w/ 60hz to match the input framerate.

This is why i never comment on these articles because it is pointless to tell someone that 1080p 60fps is better if most have not seen 1080p 60fps gameplay in its purity.
JamieL  +   666d ago
Fair enough, nice attitude though, we could use more of that here.
NextGen24Gamer  +   667d ago
The question I would ask is simple and would be a lot more telling. In the interview he already clarified that the ram difference played "NO" part in the reason ps4 is 1080p and the xbox one version is 720p. Reviews are already stating that the framerate for the ps4 version is unstable and inconsistent to say the least. In a game like COD, I would prefer slightly less detail (barely noticeable due to the performance of xbox ones hana 2 hardware upscale chip) and faster/better framerate.

But, the question I would ask is this...

"If you had more time with the xbox one's hardware, would you have been able to accomplish 1080p 60 fps???"

I believe the answer would be yes. Obviously since he ruled out the ram differences, it comes down to getting updated drivers in their hands in enough time to fully optimize game to their hardware and or the ps4 is just easier to program for. IDK...could be one, could be both. But, for anyone to say the xbox one isn't a 1080p capable machine, that is silly as their are games launching with the console in native 1080p.

As long as the game looks and plays good, that's really all that matters.

My brother in law is a game tester and he has played just about all of the launch titles for the xbox one. He said that the games look amazing and they look like a higher rez than 1080p. Now we know they aren't, but once again, it comes down to how they actually look and play.

As a game tester, they not only test games...on their free time/breaks, they can actually play the games without going through the tedious process of looking for bugs. He single handidly has made me super excited about the xbox one games. Mainly due to the fact that he works as a tester for MS but he has always been a Sony Fanboy. We would always have heated debates at family dinners about which is better. Good times with my bro!
1OddWorld  +   667d ago
His brother is a game tester guys. Means he is telling the truth and would never misinform anyone. Oh and his brother is a "PS fanboy" encase you don't believe his unbiasedness.

Sounds legit to me.....

BL-OH Me Elite24Gamer... Because your post shows your immaturity. Never try to prove your point by saying "My Dad", or in this case "My Brother". Your family can not be used as the XBOne new :Secret Sauce:. Try to brainwash some where else we are all wise to your ignorance.

One of my favorite comments of yours

"Who is right or wrong? Is the xbox one more powerful then ps4 and my answer is "YES" Tera Flops are not the only thing that makes a console GFX better."
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JamieL  +   666d ago
@ 1OddWorld
Who are you to come attack him like that, and how do you know his brother isn't a tester? All he was saying is that he thinks the One is capable of 1080p. His main point was "As long as the game looks and plays good, that's really all that matters", he said nothing about the PS4, or fanboys, or anything else. I guess you just felt the need to be a d!ck. Good Job.
1OddWorld  +   666d ago

My post was to show that Elite24gamer is biased as he was clearly trying to shroud himself in smoke and mirrors. And yes it was a kind of dickish post I made but spreading misinformation is a disservice to us all.

So thanks for calling me out. Good Job!
Ju  +   666d ago
"He said that the games look amazing and they look like a higher rez than 1080p"...guess that's why he actually is a tester and not a developer. Maybe he's looking for a career change into management or PR.
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JessiePinkmanYo  +   667d ago
Ahh! I missed Georgenoobs unbiased posts (SARCASM!)
FANTA1180  +   667d ago
they also see how choppy it runs on ps4.

noone wins.
MRMagoo123  +   667d ago
how choppy? it has some frame rate drops that only a couple of sites even mention, which is due to bugs , the same bugs on the pc version which will be patched if they are that bad, I am guessing even tho the xbone version is only a measly 720p it too will suffer from the same problems, and judging by the vid of someones xbone gameplay from the retail version its not looking very good on the xbone.
die_fiend  +   666d ago
The other 360p is coming through the cloud
Phoenix76  +   666d ago
hahaha classic man :D
JsonHenry  +   666d ago
Relax guys. These are new consoles using modified old engines for old hardware.

I don't think it is time to panic over the PS4 having some framerate issues or the X1 having a lower resolution. The next crop of games coming out a year from now will be the true telling point.

If this sort of thing is happening to exclusives and multi-plats NOT made for the older consoles a year from now then feel free to panic.
Godhimself_In_3d  +   667d ago
I guess that's what there banking on. Lol so sad
rela82me  +   667d ago
"We have developed Call of Duty Ghosts independently for each console. This means there is no ports of Ghosts on any platform. So we had to tailor the game to each console so for Xbox One the resolution is 720p native but it is upscaled to 1080p. So when players compare that to the PS4 version which runs at native 1080p, average consumers may not see the difference but I think hardcore consumers will. But ultimately at the end of the day, the gameplay experience is going to be the same across all platforms. It is very important to us that we did not alienate any fan base just because on what console they are playing on."

Okay so,I'm totally done with this debate. IMO I think the focus should be on how smooth and functional a game operates more than the amount of pixels there are on screen. I can see it would be a problem if the game looks BAD because of it; however, I have YET to see a game look BAD due to lower resolution. However they may not look as GOOD as the competition. Oh well I could care less either way, as long as I can actually play through the game and enjoy it the same as everyone else.
JsonHenry  +   666d ago
They had to split the dev team and resources up for each individual console.

Which makes me believe they poured more money and time in where the install base was much larger. The next gen consoles probably got really rough code shoved through and just threw in a few extra bells and whistles or in the case of the PS4 a higher screen resolution to make it appear "better" than the current gen consoles without actually spending much R&D.

This comes down to gameplay. I agree with you 100%.
Sci0n  +   667d ago
Tina eat the food! and drink the microsofts xbox dones koolaid! http://www.youtube.com/watc... . Seriously all these interviews with the devs are a waist of time they aren't going to tell you which platform is the best and rightfully so because they don't want to hurt there business. Its best if they remain as neutral as possible for business purposes. However last gen they was more aggressive and outspoken towards the ps3 and boasted the 360 versions over the PS3 but now all the sudden they want to remain extra neutral lol
ABizzel1  +   667d ago
What I find funny is this quote

"The focus for us is not only to make the game look good but also make sure it runs very smooth. Having the smoothest game out there at 60 frames per second, low latency controls so you are not waiting for a trigger to have its effect in the game, you are not going to see that lag in the control scheme. For us it was all about delivering the best game possible on each platform."

You have none of those advantages anymore, BF4 is 60fps, KZ is 60fps, Halo will be 60fps, TitanFall is likely 60fps, your main advantage is gone.
Thehyph  +   667d ago
CoD is sure in for competition like it hasn't seen before.
I'm genuinely excited for Killzone. All the footage and previews and such make it seem like the series is finally going to have its moment. (Not that the previous games weren't good)
And on the other side:
I'm genuinely jealous about Titanfall. Pair the hype and previews with the pedigree of the team behind it, and it's going to be a fantastic game.
user7402931  +   667d ago
Cause Xbox one is weak, it will be ridiculed and mocked its entire life span
Daz  +   667d ago
IF one game in 1080 and the other is 720 up-scaled to 1080 and looks the dame same it should not matter.

But hey people are great pixel counters these days
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Sephiroushin  +   667d ago
"720 up-scaled to 1080 and looks the dame same it should not matter"

It should matter; on the same game or video, Native should NEVER look the same as up-scaled because if it do it just means the developers are bad!
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Unknown  +   667d ago
RE:"It is very hard to pinpoint why the resolution is the way it is on the Xbox One just because you have to take so many different factors in to account"

Sounds like either Infinity Ward hasn't come to grips with the machine or they're just beating around the bush that the XO is not able to push COD at 1080p/60fps.

I'm rather inclined to believe it's the former as EA seems be having no issues getting the both consoles to run at 1080p with a min of 30fps.
KNWS  +   667d ago
Killzone runs at 30 frames (single player) and it been a shooter,too. Why can't the PS4 get 60 frames? You don't see X box fans going on about this much.

Is Killzone not a first party exclusive! Microsofts first party exclusive Forza is 1080p and 60 frames.
thekhurg  +   667d ago
Killzone single player is above 30fps.
KNWS  +   667d ago

Read what is says about the single player and learn something about the game.
thekhurg  +   667d ago
You mean the part where it says it runs at 30+ fps?

Yeah, I read that part.

Good job, tool.
scott182  +   667d ago
A video clocked Killzone SF single player to above 59 FPS average... Wish I had the link, it's smooth and sexy.
#9.2 (Edited 667d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
JasonKCK  +   667d ago
What video?
scott182  +   666d ago
This one at 59.94 fps on Gamersyde.

Ju  +   666d ago
This is offscreen and all it really does is recording @ 60fps. But with that said, KZ:SF SP is unlocked and might reach 60, but never below 30. What's the average remains to be seen. MP is 60 and occasionally might drop below (40-50?).
SnotyTheRocket  +   667d ago
Killzone's MP is 60fps. You lose.
XisThatKid  +   666d ago
"Killzone runs at 30 frames (single player) and it been a shooter,too. Why can't the PS4 get 60 frames? You don't see X box fans going on about this much.

Is Killzone not a first party exclusive! Microsofts first party exclusive Forza is 1080p and 60 frames. "
Not really to argue with you but Ryse is an exclusive 900p 30fps and to be quite honest in most cases in our current gen and assuming it won't be too different that a racing game will have less polys on screen and overall high resolution's easier to achieve especially over a high profile shooter. This fact is indeed situational but it holds weight.
Octo1  +   667d ago
I don't understand people that are I don't know I guess defending the Xbone. If the PS4 did the same as what my PS3 is doing now, I will not be buying the PS4. You're willing to pay $499 for a box that does the same resolution as the current box. I am baffled :S
ebreda  +   667d ago
Well, so what you saying is that basically you're getting a PS4 for the 360p gain in resolution compared to the PS3?

Well alright then. You could get a phone or tablet for that, you know some of those have a higher than 1080p resolution, right?
Octo1  +   666d ago
Except that's all I am not getting with the PS4. If visual fidelity is all I cared about then I would go PC. I'm making an investment in a machine and a company that will actually have games and continue to make games until the very end unlike MS and that's a FACT.
smoothop  +   667d ago
Are they using dedicated servers for all platforms or is it just Xbox One getting them on console?
FITgamer  +   667d ago
All platforms.
ma1asiah  +   667d ago
They are both getting dedicated servers, though here is the catch

With MS Cloud IW get to use this for free that can be up or downscaled based on demand (though what is a little unclear is if this is reserved only for the X1 or if this also includes the X360 version)

With SONY IW have to foot the bill and use their own servers for online multiplayer for both PS3 and PS4.

According to twitter they have already had server crashes.....though did not stipulate as to which platforms this affected i.e. PS3 or X360 or both
Ju  +   666d ago
What are you talking about. Azure or not. IW has to buy server time - no matter if it's inhouse or not. And those servers run the same code for both, XBox, PS and PC - most likely one instance per account DB (e.g. Live, PSN and whatever they use on PC) to keep those separated - but in fact those are same code and same DB/Tables. MS isn't a charity giving away precious server time for free. They _sell_ cloud space you know.
#11.2.1 (Edited 666d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
ma1asiah  +   666d ago
Ummm nope you would be wrong





Given that Microsoft is giving away free access to cloud servers, it follows that all multiplayer games on Xbox One could utilise dedicated servers, generally considered a better alternative than peer-to-peer; in a tweet, Microsoft’s Albert Penello confirmed this is the case.
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Godhimself_In_3d  +   667d ago
Defend and deny it changes nothing 720p is just as good as 1080p may I just ask why even bother up scaling it then. Yes forza runs at 1080p but why not 720p it's just as good right why even bother render It that high if it's as good right . Do you see how this story has holes in it why even advertise it as 1080p right . Why are they even saying 4k gaming when 1080p is a problem see what I'm saying, Sony said flat out no 4k gaming but the guys who say 4k gaming can't hit 1080p. Am I missing something here am I high because I don't understand we ripped Sony a new one for things like super computer cell chip,n64 for Jurassic park like rendering,Atari jaguar for 64 bit gaming lol and xbox1 gets a pass lol were are those 5 billion transistors all those data move engines I keep hearing of lol maybe there with those super spe's Sony kept talking about last gen. Fact is fact Xbox fans have a double standard.
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NarcolepZZZZZZ  +   667d ago
Holy Christ, use some punctuation.
XisThatKid  +   666d ago
I find it funny that you really went that hard on making it ok for this company to put out a piece of hardware and not come through to the point were their direct competitor is putting out hardware cheaper and outperforming. Even if what you are saying is fact wouldn't this put MS in an even worse situation you seen many companies fail at delivering on over hyped specs and tech and still continues to do so? If

If 9 people decide to jump off a cliff and die don't you think that 10th person in line should be the wiser at this point I don't blame the cliff. Stop making dumb decisions when so many before have done the same right in front of your face. Told as truth.
felidae  +   667d ago
so basically he said they were too lazy to achieve native 1080p on xbox one!
Qwagy UK  +   667d ago
Now we know why the XBOX ONE wasn't called the XBOX 720P
Shaolen  +   667d ago
Strap on yer COD pieces and let the dick waving commence...
Kaiou  +   667d ago
1-Save your money
2-Get/Upgrade your PC
3-Play the games the way they are meant to be played (and much beyond that even , e.g Dark Souls)
quenomamen  +   667d ago
@ georgeenoob
Well, PS4 has frame rate issues, and both look almost the same, and on top of that there's cloud support. So which version REALLY has the edge ?

The one where you pay $100 less.
Lykon  +   667d ago
SpinalRemains138  +   666d ago
I think the cloud rumors have been thoroughly debunked already. If the powerful cloud cannot even help cod run at 1080p, then what can it do?
ma1asiah  +   666d ago
Dedicated servers free to IW to use

refer to my post further up for links

Given that Microsoft is giving away free access to cloud servers, it follows that all multiplayer games on Xbox One could utilise dedicated servers, generally considered a better alternative than peer-to-peer; in a tweet, Microsoft’s Albert Penello confirmed this is the case.
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SpinalRemains138  +   666d ago

The clouds usage will be limited to dedicated server matches, not resolution or any graphical upgrades as suggested by Microsoft.

There is no Magic Cloud Power.
JediDiah  +   666d ago
The very first Xbox claimed it could do "1080 straight out of the box!".
ibroman  +   666d ago
More like 'we were too lazy to optimize the game properly so we rushed the game out and made it crap on all systems including pc' Shouldve stayed current gen...
Smootherkuzz  +   666d ago
Both Sony and MS is laughing all the way to the Bank over this bs. Just buy the console u what and have fun. Seem I said the dame thing last gen.
insomniacgamer  +   666d ago
Amen, said the same thing below and saw your post. These moronic console wars miss the fact that we are all gamers. WAY too hung up on measuring things with tape measures (adding inches) and popping on to post bullet point rhetoric spouted by hype machine blogs and biased articles.
TerryMMA85  +   666d ago

sony ponys have no class

insomniacgamer  +   666d ago
lol @ the console wars and idiot fanboys (both sides)

Infinity Ward pushed out Madden 2013...errr CoD: Ghost and said screw a nice new engine and optimization. They want that cash, the PS4 architecture was friendly, Xbox 1 complicated yet doable yet they saw $$$$ signs as always and green lighted the brown turd monster.

ffs, just get the console your friends are playing on and that has the titles you want. I promise, you will have fun regardless of the damn system you buy. Hung up on graphics, upgrade your pc and rock some Star Citizen or the like.

Happy Gaming
BDG  +   666d ago
This cloud support that everyone keeps talking about would have been why microsoft originally wanted an always online console so that all games devs could use it as standard. Now they dropped the always online requirements devs can't make a game that uses cloud support as that would mean the game won't work offline. The game has to work for everyone after all.
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tudors  +   666d ago
Guys come on, we all know the game engine is the problem not the consoles, and lets not play down the cloud, you don't install 300 super servers for nothing, can it improve graphics? I don't know but if they can make a game which is partly on console and partly on server e.g. server handles particle effects then yes, but the resolution? maybe yes because resources would be freed up.
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5eriously  +   666d ago
Reposting my opinion from another thread. Same issue.


Its not Crytek or IW it's forced PR on behalf of M$ for their inherent design issues with the eXB0Ne!

WHY are there a common denominator between ALL the devs with game releases coming for the next gen on The One particular console????????

Remember all game issues can be patched and will be but you cannot patch hardware design flaws!

I will wait for the next revised SKU!
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