Can your next-gen console spy on you?

Poloygon: "Both Microsoft and Sony maintain their next-gen offerings will only record and transmit user data when console owners allow it to; but does this account for the technology already at the disposal of hackers and wiretapping government officials that pose a potential threat to the privacy of console owners?

Speaking to Polygon, a security expert said the ability to access images and data through camera-based peripherals is already in use "at every level of government" and often misused. And for those hoping to purchase a new console outside of Europe, they tell us, current American surveillance laws do not act in the favor of those potential customers concerned with privacy. It's a concern that peripheral manufacturer PDP is tapping into with its recently announced camera covers."

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mewhy321868d ago

well certainly it can spy on you. then they are going to sell the information collected.

bomboclaat_gamer1867d ago

so can your operating system, so can your phone


Drewidian1867d ago (Edited 1867d ago )

And the way things are going, your car, toaster, house, and anything else connected to a cellular network/internet.

SpinalRemains1381867d ago

Not only that, but I wouldn't be surprised if Kinect 2.0 can somehow spy on Angela Merkel from Joe Blow's house in Idaho.

Sad world we occupy.