The 5 Best Reasons For Buying The Xbox One Instead Of A PS4

Forbes: "It’s November, and that means that next-gen consoles are finally on their way. Both consoles have their strengths and weaknesses, and both consoles are going to appeal to different kinds of gamers. In that spirit, I’m running a mini-series on whether you should by the Xbox One, the PS4, or neither. Check out yesterday’s post on the argument for the PS4, and check back tomorrow for why you might be better off with neither."

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GraveLord1840d ago

They did the same article for PS4 yesterday.

Trying to play both sides for DEM HITS.

jackanderson19851840d ago

or you know journalists doing their job and giving both sides of the story.... extremely rare i'll admit but hey it happens

xHeavYx1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Reason 1 is something unproven (no one knows what the cloud can exactly do, or how much of an improvement it will be, other than promises)

Reason 2 is Kinect, I'm not even gonna bother.

Reason 3, the controller, no one can really tell which controller is better, Xbox people have praised the DS4 and PS people have praised the Xbox controller.

Reason 4 Exclusives. Some people may say that launch exclusives are better on the Xbox, but it is still an opinion. The fact is that Sony has a very rich library of exclusive games, I do have to point that Fighter Within would not be on my list of positives.

Reason 5, Entertainment. As I said many times before. I don't care to buy a console that has the same functionalities as my remote controller + my thumb. I could care less about being able to play MP3s, even though Sony said they will look into it and it will probably be patched soon

Stsonic1840d ago

If that were the case then the two articles would read "top 5 reasons to buy PS4" and "top 5 reasons to buy xbox one" without putting them against each other.

georgeenoob1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Top 1 reason: It's a true next-gen console with the most next-gen AAA exclusives. IMO PS4 is just a PS3 with upgraded specs. I want a next-gen experience with Kinect 2.0 and next-gen games, not just some console that plays indies.

JokesOnYou1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Those are some great reasons for me.

CLOUD “Project Mountain” is a $700 million data center built for Xbox One and Office 365, and we’re going to see more and more games take advantage of that computing power as time goes on."

-Sony's even smart enough to realize while cloud gaming is not the holy grail it does have a future and they better start making plans to get on board with Gaikai, unfortunately they are way behind micro, Azure network.

KINECT 2 is just what makes the X1 feel like a fresh next gen console, instead of just an upgraded 360, its an integral part of the systems UI and its already being used in most games for new gameplay options.

CONTROLLER is by most reports an improvement over its predecessor, which was easily my favorite controller already.

EXCLUSIVES with clearly already the best launch lineup, the only question is if micro will continue their post reveal promised commitment to core games, they definitely have the resources and E3 proved a lot of doubters wrong, so far so good with launch and future offerings.= No Kinect kiddie game focus drought.

ENTERTAINMENT yep I think micro easily owns this category with the overall functionality of the system and they've already demonstrated they are going to bring some quality episodic tv content and things like NFL deal/apps to the X1.

-Its truly a well rounded, all in one console, I'm looking forward to it, day one for me.

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xHeavYx1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

For the yesterday's article
1) More powerful, that's a fact
2) Exclusives, it comes down to personal taste, but you know where to find the most variety.
3) Controller, like I said above, comes down to personal taste.
4) Indies, great if you are into Indies. I had a lot of fun with games like Journey
5) Price. Paying $400 is better than playing $500.

Where are your facts? All you do is defend your precious Xbox and troll articles, at least I put some thought on my comments, hence you have only 2 bubbles

AngelicIceDiamond1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )


Your a fanboy. And fanboys have biased opinion's when it comes to the other console.

So give me a reason why any rational gamer want to listen to you.

The fact that you stated

"I do have to point that Fighter Within would not be on my list of positives."

So we're just gonna start leaving out games now.

Lol omg people on this site amaze me. An amazing bunch that inhabit here.

I question the "gamer" status of majority of you.

"You are just another fanboy who has nothing to say other than bashing me."


I'm the fanboy now? Obviously you and I both know that's not true but you needed a comeback so I'll let that slide.

Your talking about a game that you that you don't like, on a console you don't like.

So what are you trying to say? Oh your not saying anything because your opinions ARE BIASED Towards Xbox.

Therefor anything you say doesn't matter. I don't care for Kinect gaming myself. But everything your saying about Fighter within is ALL subjective and far from fact. Do you know the difference?

I know fanboys mixed opinions with facts its ok its common here. I don't expect you to understand at all its above your comprehension. Just because you don't like doesn't mean others don't. Its not about you, especially if your a raging little fanboy.


I bash you because your opinion about Xbox is 100% biased. So I ask once again. Give me a reason why any rational gamer want to listen to you?

JhawkFootball061840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )


Wait, you are saying that the PS4 was a completely well written piece of journalism. But now that the author is saying good things, or rather reasons to buy the Xbox One, it's suddenly biased? You might want to rethink your name because you are making it too easy.

xHeavYx1840d ago

You are just another fanboy who has nothing to say other than bashing me. I talked about 5 different things, and you can only point one, which is Fighter Within. A game that is not only laggy, but you look like a dork while playing it
Reminds me of this by the way

4Sh0w1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

jokes I agree all those are pretty much great explanations for why I'm picking up X1 as well.

I can't believe how hypocritical some people here are, now forbes is biased because this is pro xbox? I think its a great list compared to others we've seen but really people already know what they want and they definitely won't take advice from biased gamers on n4g with no creditability.

As much as people hate on microsofts cloud gaming aspirations, sony is also going to try like hell to implement some cloud gaming too, it make take quite a few years but I know they are working on growing gaikai's infrastructure for gaming.

christocolus1840d ago

guys ignore ps4beaver , xheavy&their likes...they will only keep coming back..their bias and hypocracy is nothing new...just ignore them and enjoy the article...

i actually im looking forward to the xbx ones launch..the arti le defnitly has some great points ..i for one like the controller,kinect, the idea of the cloud servers and im a halo it wasnt hard to go with the xbx one at launch.

mightyhokie1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

xHeavYx: (wow! you started a s**tstorm with your opinions haha)

Your reason 1: true, it is unproven. then again, from what i have read its going to be an intergral part of powering the xbox in the future. if it works like they say (and I doubt they put $700M into it to let it fail) then its a BIG plus for MS.

Your reason 2: Just because you don't like Kinect doesn't mean others don't. Sometimes I have to yell obscenities at mine on my 360 but generally it works great. My kids love it for their games. And the next one is (supposedly...see reason 1) much more powerful. I'm excited about the Kinect.

Your reason 3: yep, this comes down to personal taste

Your reason 4: yep, personal taste. i am def much more drawn to the x1 lineup. im stoked about Ryse and Dead Rising 3. If you can't live without the newest inFamous (loved the first game) then Sony has them beat. I know they have a lot of Indy games but I'm not really into them so there is no hook there for me.

your reason 5: the voice control, and controlling everything from one box was a major part of my decision. i knew the games would be great. but i drooled when i realized that i can plug my cable box and surround sound into the xbox, put my controllers in a drawer (one for the surround sound, one for cable, and one for the tv..bye bye!) i was sold. i watched their presentations and thought 'who wouldn't want to do that!?' haha

So basically I'm just saying that just because it is not your thing doesn't mean that it isn't someone else's. I didn't read your comments as a 'fanboy' so much as just someone who prefers the Sony product over MS. I'm def sold on the X1 but I understand your points..which are really just opinion. I disagree with you, dude, but good post.

mewhy321839d ago

The cloud? The Kinect? The Exclusives? Ummmmm are they talking about the same xbone that I've been reading about?

jackanderson19851839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Ha a simple comment and that's the reaction fantastic. On the unproven cloud comments a lot of things I've been hearing from the Sony fans are wait for naughty dog wait for Santa Monica etc etc. as of today their games are unproven on the ps4 yes they've a track record but for all we know they might well end up crap (I don't believe it and can't wait for them.)

It's an opinion piece they did their article on the ps4 and now they've done one on the Xbox one. Yes ps4 has the price. Graphically yes ps4 has the power. But multitasking power is firmly in the Xbox court and I know people may laugh at it but I'll make use of it with YouTube (not sure if at launch) to help get achievements cuz yes I'm an achievement hunter and proud of it.

Both console are gonna be fantastic. Both will have exclusives that their fans will love. Both will sell well. Both will have their strengths and weaknesses. Both will be next gen gaming

UltimateMaster1839d ago

Hummm, ok.
So "Mountain" is the coud of Microsoft, that will be used for both Xbox And Office. And it only cost 700M$ where Gaikai cost 380M$ to acquire.

It's not that much of a difference cost-wise.

They've never spend 10 billion dollars on such infrastructure. They just made 10 billion in revenue from Xbox Gold Live service. Not the same thing at all.

If any Xbox fan actually tough they re-invested all of that money back into making a better online gaming experience, you are sadly mistaken.
Their personal pockets comes in at a priority.

Pogmathoin1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

You people do not even know sarcasm. Xheavy, I learned a while ago, the the only positive comment is a nice one about PS4. If I put up a well constructed comment on good things about X1, and there is many, I would be hammered, reported as a troll and get my usual 3 day ban. I do not subscribe to the BS here, its the same everyday. While you lot here are waiting impatiently for a rumour, I am off playing the games itself. Also getting both PS4 and X1, but I am ashamed to be a Sony follower, seeing the way you lot behave. Anything good about X1 is immediately bashed here, any slight negative news on PS4, and that site it came from, all of a sudden as low as an English rag paper. You people respect only the lengths of your own nose. So, you can see why I do not repeat myself everyday, like you do with the same BS, over and over again, and pass it off as a well thought out comment. Maybe I should do things like PS4>Xboners... wooohooo... the more bubbles you have, the sign of how big a fanboy troll you are here... A fact, as you PS people like to say...

@ Mightyhokie, the thing is, if you do not agree with these people, you are fanboy/troll. There is no reasoning.... they are like Zombies.... mindless...

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BattleTorn1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Oh no. God forbid they don't have a diehard allegiance to one brand, and present two separate opinions towards purchases either product!

Why that'd be - unbiased!!

MazzingerZ1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

I think they rather mean to highlight the best of each console so people jumping into console gaming for the first time can find the one that suits them better.

For gamers it's pretty clear today which console to get, call it PS4 or X1, although I got the feeling that during the last weeks many have jumped from the X1 to the PS4 side...and after the SONY event on Nov 13 a "few" more might join the PS4 hype-train

FiLTHY ESKiMO1840d ago

Dem hits?

This is Forbes magazine we are talking about. They don't need to write gaming articles for hits... they are beyond that. :)

AngelicIceDiamond1840d ago

You gotta consider how many " Top 5 Best Reasons For buying The PS4 over X1" were written.

If this site lives up to its name gamers would want to read both reasons and form there opinion based off the reasons.

It doesn't matter if its to make a decision or just out of curiosity. For a site like this both articles need to be submitted.

So for the sake of gamers, this is appropriate.

Arty841840d ago

pretty sure its standard procedure to get paid

colonel1791840d ago

Xbox reasons are more of a personal preference than facts. I also hate when everyone is trying to drink Microsoft's kool aid about the cloud. Like if it is something only they could do or if they had invented it.

The moment things that MS said it could be done with the cloud can actually be done, everyone will be doing it. Not just them!

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TheEnigma3131840d ago

Not convinced; still getting the ps4.

HugoDrax1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

Convinced; still getting Xbox One on the 22nd. Guess what else? I'm also still getting my PS4 as well on the 15th.

dethpuck1839d ago

Played ps4 yesterday at bestbuy not impressed . Looking forward to playing with my friend on live more than the shiny Xbox one graphics

tagan8tr1839d ago

Not convinced Ipod is nice but im getting a Zune...

Stringerbell1840d ago

If you read the article it says tomorrow they will be posting an article why you may be better off not buying either. That click game is a tricky mistress...

Boody-Bandit1840d ago

3 reasons I disagree
1st & 2nd party studios

AngelicIceDiamond1840d ago

"1st & 2nd party studios"

Why does it matter who's making the games? Indie, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th 6th, 7th party. Who gives a crap just play the freakin game and enjoy your hobby.

MysticStrummer1839d ago

If you're only getting one console those things matter, specifically the exclusives. If you like a certain dev or devs and they tend to work on a particular console, it matters.

Goro1840d ago

Everyone knows Kinect Sports Rival is the game to beat.