Didn't pre-order Xbox One or PS4? Duke it out on launch day — or wait 'til 2014

There are always a couple of gadgets that are in such high demand (or short supply) that, no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to nab in time for the holidays. This year, it's the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Sony's and Microsoft's next-generation video game consoles.

Both of the consoles launch later this month — the PlayStation 4 comes out Nov. 15, and the Xbox One arrives a week later on Nov. 22. If you missed all the next-gen furor and didn't pre-order yourself a console, what are your chances of getting one between launch and Christmas? Unless you want to try your luck — and your patience — by waiting at a brick-and-mortar store on launch day, you will not get a console, according to most major U.S. retailers and the console manufacturers themselves.

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Sitdown1840d ago

"If you're dying for a new console — any new console — Nintendo assured us there will be "an ample supply of Wii U systems and games ... to meet the holiday demand" this year. ”

Hahaha....not sure why this line was so comical to me.

sashimi1839d ago

lol bcs they have ample stock since they barely sold any throughout the year? :P orthey think people who can't get their hands on a X1 or a PS4 will settle for a WiiU that has been available all year long.

Either way i dunno how i'm going to get my hands on a PS4 since i didn't preorder, hopefully since i live in NYC there will be some extra stock floating around.

AgentSmithPS41839d ago

I laughed too at the ample supply of Wii U though I'm not sure why.

There might be a troll program in my brain because when I read this...
"Luckily our stores are open 24 hours," Wal**rt's McKinney said, "so you don't have to be waiting out in the cold!"
I saw it as "so you don't have to be waiting out in the cloud!" I assume it's because some fanboys keep waiting for them to unleash it's power.

cactusjack1839d ago

nintendo is going to have a spot outside stores next to the girl scouts.

1839d ago
DEATHxTHExKIDx1839d ago

waiting for dat infamous:SS bundle.

cactusjack1839d ago

how much do brass knuckles

byeGollum1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I canceled my pre-order. . im just gonna wait and see.

Aleithian1839d ago

Same here, but I regret it. Sad to hear I'll have to wait that long.

byeGollum1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

No point buying one on day-one just 'cause I can. I'll wait for a bunch of new IPs. I'm tired of sequels. And, I don't regret my decision. . . the consoles'll be there whenever I want them, look how expensive they are, they wont be flying off the shelves

cactusjack1839d ago

theres alot of free to play, planetside 2, war thunder, warframe, DC universe, and many more.

mhunterjr1839d ago

But you can play all of those games right now, without having to buy a $400 console.

Aleithian1839d ago

That was my original thinking actually. I wasn't impressed with the initial offering and decided to hold off. But I've found that I have some extra funds and it would have been nice to have the console. But it's hardly the end of the world. Plenty else out there to play. I only just started Uncharted, for instance. Good IP.

byeGollum1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

yeah besides there are gems, unplayed games on PS3/360 PC and Wii even the handhelds, still. And, Uncharted is nice by the way, all three of them. My favorite is the third one followed by the first.

Supermax1839d ago

See ya all on both launch days it's really happening.

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The story is too old to be commented.