Tactical Space exploration Game The Mandate Comes With Developer Diary and Kickstarter Stretch Goals

Masoud of DualShockers writes:

"If you’re a fan of great sci-fi TV shows like Firefly, Battlestar Galactica and the entire Star Trek franchise, then you may have been as excited to learn about Perihelion Interactive’s upcoming space exploration/tactical-RPG The Mandate as I was. You may also be excited to see the new developer diary, hosted by character artist James Condliffe and of which can be viewed below, which shows off character and ship development and customization."

To expand upon the scope of what The Mandate hopes to accomplish, Perihelion have also added stretch goals to their Kickstarter Campaign, which can be viewed in the article.

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sonicsidewinder1836d ago

One has not followed this game.

Could it be equated to Nexus The Jupiter Incident in terms of combat?

Stick891836d ago

Am I the only one immediately turned off from a game as soon as I read "...Kickstarter with stretch goals..." in it's announcement. I mean Kickstarting a game is one thing and I totally understand it. But the idea of holding features hostage behind an ever moving goal post (stretch goals) just seems wrong to me.

Studio-YaMi1836d ago

Would you want them to set the funding as highest they could?

Like let's say a million and half dollars,wouldn't that be too much of a stretch without knowing what we're getting for it?

Setting a base goal then adding stretched ones is the way to go,tell people what they are paying for and if they don't want said features then they can just skip it and stay with the base goal of their game.

cactusjack1836d ago

i like how he called this a AAA game. haha.

cactusjack1836d ago

is he making the game from his bed room.