Is Assassin's Creed Black Flag another disappointment?

We all know Assassin's Creed as a legendary game, a game that envisioned Italy in a way nothing else could, a game that changed the way we would look back at The Crusade and The Renaissance forever, a game that was perfect in every single way. No one thinks of Assassin's creed and remembers the epic adventures he had with Connor kenway in revolutionary America, they remember jumping across rooftops as Ezio or eavesdropping on conversations as Altair.

Why is that? The concept of Assassin's Creed seems so perfect and amazing that no one ever thought a revolutionary setting could ruin it this badly, no one liked the idea sure, but never did anyone think it could be as bad as it was in Assassin's Creed 3.

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phantomexe1868d ago

You forget not everone was disappointed with AC3 and as far as black flags goes i'm loven it. Like can't stop playing it love it. It has all the AC lore plus alot of new stuff. I like it more then gta5. Been some great games this past year.

-Foxtrot1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Good game but as I thought leading up to it's release the overall game with it's focus on naval battles would of done better as a new IP...a Pirate IP.

However living up to it's name "Assassins Creed"...I don't know I think it's drifting away from what made Assassins Creed...Assassins Creed. You saw that in AC3 and now it seems it's drifitng even further away in AC4.

To be honest it wouldn't be so bad being different if it was AC3: Black Flags, a spin off like Brotherhood was to AC2 but it's not and to be honest I don't see so far how this game pushes the franchise forward.

I have a feeling they are going to try and shove more Naval battles in future games even when they are not needed. I liked them a few times in AC3 but they start to become a little repetitive and boring.

phantomexe1868d ago

I respect your opinion but i disagree.The game feels more like a reboot and all that ac lore is there just in a much larger way. The ending for one,if any core ac fan wants to know what happen to edward next read AC forsaken. The comics are another point that was made through the game. Its to hard to discibe,some get it and some don't. Like star wars or star trek to some people. It's bigger then any one movie. It's still about assassins and templars and free will or order. I do worry tho about them over using naval warfare in future games. I'd like to see it not over used. Still for blag flags it worked.