Kinect Sports Rivals Pre Season Xbox One Preview Interview

Rare Executive Producer Danny Isaac talks Kinect Sports Rivals Pre Season on Xbox One in this exclusive interview from Microsoft's San Francisco Showcase.

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Naga1868d ago

I'm glad we got to see some more glimpses of the direct interaction between the player and the game via Kinect. People need to see this sort of thing if they are ever going to start believing it can deliver on the promises; a lot of people had great expectations for Kinect 1.0, and the letdown from that is still lingering. Videos like this can help.

DDDGirlGamer851867d ago

meh, Wish they wouldnt Bundle Kinect for an extra 100$

Bigpappy1867d ago

I can't wait to play these games. Rare does such a great job with Kinect related stuff. Being able to control speed is a major more forward.