MLB 14 The Show Officially Announced Along With the Greatest Sports Feature EVER

TG writes: MLB 14: The Show's announcement came as no big surprise, but the newest feature added for the title's Spring release was a long asked for, much needed, and something no other sports game has done.

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xHeavYx1569d ago

The PS4 version looks great

abzdine1569d ago

the models are mindblowing!

TerminalGamer1569d ago

Hopefully they can make contact on high fives and fist bumps on the PS4. It looks awesome.

kalkano1569d ago

San Diego Studios, not Santa Monica.

ftwrthtx1569d ago

I always get those two awesome studios mixed up when I type. Thanks for the heads up.

theXtReMe11569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

This game seems to be one of the few games that, every generation, is a benchmark for in game visuals and animation. You can always count on The Show to push the system as much as it can, to make the game look and feel more and more real. As an Xbox gamer for the past two generations, I always felt jealous when this game released. Because the Xbox system had nothing to compare to it. Now, that I am becoming a PS4 owner... I soon, will finally get to experience what everybody else has, for so long... And I can't wait!

ftwrthtx1569d ago

While the MLB 2K series is a decent game in its own right, it has never reached the level of MLB The Show. I usually play both versions for review every year and the differences are generally night and day.

thebudgetgamer1569d ago

The only problem I ever had with MLB games is players running through each other.

ftwrthtx1569d ago

Phantom high fives and fist bumps are very awkward to watch.

They added some player collisions on the base paths with MLB 13, but it still wasn't quite life like.

I've been caught in quite a few run downs over the course of this last year where a player would cause my guy to stumble and then get tagged out.

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The story is too old to be commented.