Namco Bandai Tease New Game With Countdown Site Entitled “Break Burst”

PlayStation Euphoria: Namco Bandai, the developers behind the Tales of and Tekken series of games, have just put up a countdown teaser site with 6 days to go until the reveal.

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snitch_puck1783d ago

Gods Eater 2 Burst! :D hahaha.haha.ha. everyone can dream. :3

MightyNoX1783d ago

Already? They haven't localized GE2 yet. XD

KentBlake1783d ago

A next gen Katamari with lots of particles and physics!

Hey, that guy up there said everyone can dream...

jonboi241783d ago

A new God Eater Burst for Ps4. Imagine the craziness they could do with the PS4.

FogLight1783d ago (Edited 1783d ago )

That I would try in any way to get an imported copy of it if it will not be localized for the west. I don't care if I won't understand Japanese, I just want to kill Aragami in my PS4.