Top 8 Non-Lethal Games

From the Batman: Arkham series and Back to the Future to Blacklist, Dishonored and more, 411's Marc Morrison breaks down the top 8 games that don't involve killing!

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WolfLeBlack1867d ago

Slightly off topic, but I discovered that you can kill people in Batman: Arkham Origins!

Out in the city you can string up bad guys on gargoyles, and then use a batarang to cut the rope, dropping the thug 100ft+.

How do I know this? Because I have far too much time on my hands.

mightyhokie1867d ago

Not a video game topic but related to what you just said.
I have a friend with whom I have argued about this aspect of Batman. He claims that it is never good to kill someone. I say that some people have it coming! I use the argument of: Joker escapes from Arkham, plants some bombs on all city school buses, then blows them up killing 50k kids. Had Bats done the right thing and kill Joker after his 100th escape and 200,000th murder, those kids would not have been killed. So my question to my friend was 'isn't it better that Batman, after giving Joker chance after chance, doing the people of Gotham better service by killing Joker, one man, before Joker goes off and kills another million people?'

My friend refused to agree. hehe

BTW, I loved Arkham Asylem and Arkham City a lot. I've seen reviews that kind of slam Origins as 'a better story than the first two but more of the same' but hell I loved the first two. What are your impressions?