Top 100 Games of the Generation 80-61

Hardcore Gamer: All week long, we're counting down the top games of the generation leading up to the release of the PS4. There was months of bickering, fighting, hurt feelings and even a bruised ribcage, but we finally came up with something that we truly believe is the definitive list.

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admiralvic996d ago

This list is coming along quite nicely!

3-4-5996d ago

How is COD:Ghosts already on that list?

admiralvic996d ago

Sites get review copies. Review copies tend to come in early. ergo, someone had the game before release and the site decided to listen to their opinion to put it on the list.

XXXL996d ago

I agree this list is coming along nicely now don't f it up!

_QQ_996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

Beyond 2 souls ahead of xenoblde,metrod prime3,God of War 3 and Diablo 3? and i guess this site already played DK Tropical freeze too?. terrible list lol!
LOL i look farther back in the list and Skyward sword is 93, behid darksiders no less LOL!?

essentially this is a very opinionated list, for those who want a reasonable list look elsewhere.

admiralvic996d ago

Lets be fair here. Only the top 10 or 20 really matter, since a lot of preferences come into play the lower you get. Now if Beyond was ahead of GTA V, BioShock and games of this tier, then you would most certainly be right.

_QQ_996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

Xenoblade,Skyward sword, metroid prime 3 are of that tier, its an opinion sure but the site already lost all credibility to me.the put a game that releases in 4 months on the lis lol!

Moncole996d ago

Its called an opinion. I dont agree with it so if I made a list it will be different.

_QQ_996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

i guess they have an opinion of a game they have never played because it isn't out yet? putting it at 71.

admiralvic996d ago (Edited 996d ago )

Clearly #71 is an error, since the comment starts with "Donkey Kong Country Returns" and Tropical Freeze isn't part of this generation. While that was a bad error, it isn't like they were trying to explain why Tropical Freeze was a good game.

SolidGear3996d ago

For Me, Beyond: Two Souls would be #2 behind The Last of Us

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btmgov996d ago

You don't have to look any further than #62 to see that this list is a crock....

SolidGear3996d ago

This would be my top 5

The Last of Us
Beyond: Two Souls
Heavy Rain

This is an all-time list and I've been gaming since 1991

cpayne93996d ago

Wait so your top five games of all time are all this gen? For me the only game from this gen that would enter my top five would be Demon's Souls.