Will Call of Duty Ever Return to its Former Glory?

CraveOnline writes: "Looking at the reviews for Call of Duty: Ghosts says a lot about the state of the once titanic series. Despite promises of reinvigoration, disappointment from outlets and consumers across the board makes it appear anything but. It isn't that Infinity Ward didn't try, either. The addition of a dog companion in campaign mode was intended to give the story a different feel from the isolation of previous installments. Meanwhile, deep character customization, additions to gameplay flow, and dynamic maps were designed to elevate the series, preparing it for a new generation of releases."

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decrypt1839d ago

Console gamers.. cant get enough of COD :P

ZodTheRipper1839d ago

They already have judging by the comments all over the web. But it might return to it's former glory with a new engine that brings something new to the series. I really don't think they can get away much longer with that 10 year old look&feel.

curtis921839d ago

That's a gross oversimplification. It's the casual & otherwise non-gamers who are mostly so devoted to COD. Most of us console gamers lost interest many years ago.

Majin-vegeta1839d ago

No,cuz the OG team isn't even there anymore.

aviator1891839d ago

I doubt it.
Definitely not from infinity ward as all the original team members and key people left for respawn.
Treyarch has a chance, but I still doubt it. I just want them to take a break from cod for one year, regroup, and go from there, but I guess that'll only happen if their sales plummet drastically.

Wedge191839d ago

Probably not. The big question is what is going to swoop in to take its place.

Sev1839d ago

Whatever that is, I don't think we've seen it yet.

dbjj120881839d ago

Titanfall is gunning for you, CoD.

kornbeaner1839d ago

Titanfall IS CoD, just with Mechs added. It looks the exact same. Battlefield or possibly Destiny will be the Shooter king this gen IMO.

Both have great engines and appear to want to push boundaries in player experience. But I will give the slight edge to Battlefield since they have been working with the frost engine since BF 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.