Call of Duty: Ghosts – It’s Cool to Hate

FRONTBURNR: Last night, at 11:45 PM, the Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-hype was hitting critical mass. People were hitting up social networking and sharing their in-line experiences and release preparations as they waited for midnight to hit.

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NinjaRichParty1840d ago

Nice piece! I do agree that there is a big group of people that hate CoD for no good reason other than it's cool.

I'm not a CoD fan myself, but I have no problem with the people who enjoy it. I wouldn't want people hating on what I enjoy for no reason, so I can see where certain people are coming from.

pompombrum1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

The problem is that there is plenty of reasons to hate on cod, some of which are fairly legit. People take stabs at the COD community because to many, the game appears brainless and seemingly designed for today's ADHD friendly generation.

Army_of_Darkness1839d ago

I don't directly hate cod, but rather hate the fact that other software publishers want a piece of the pie which in turn makes every other fps game look and play like cod. So It kinda effects innovation a bit.

pompombrum1839d ago

^^^ Completely agree. Halo 4 being the most recent offender. They've tried so hard to make the game more appealing to the cod lovers that it's lost it's identity. The result is a game that alienates it's own fans without providing enough to bring in new ones.. the current amount of players it's getting is proof of this.

PsylentKiller1839d ago

Being catered to the people who just want a quick and easy game to play, something that anyone can play without too much of a learning curve is fine with me.
The problem is that, you are right, there are plenty of reasons to hate on CoD. The main reason is that nothing has changed in several iterations of the game. The new game modes are nice as well as the load out system but many feel that is not enlighten I warrant a $60 price tag. Especially when the campaign is 4 hours short. The game has become a game that is solely created to make money. When that happens to any kind of art form, it is easy to see that there was no love put into it or at least not as much as the artists previous works.

To the people that love a franchise to continually roll out the same game year after year. How many movie sequels were better than the first? Why doesn't the same logic apply to video games?

Not trying to be a douche but seriously asking. When is enough enough?

Stoppokingme1839d ago

If people hate CoD because it's cool, then GTA V must be the most hated game around.

NinjaRichParty1839d ago

I think the author is saying it's cool to hate CoD, not people are hating CoD because it's cool. Haha.

PurpHerbison1839d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

A lot of people genuinely hate it though cause they have tried it for themselves. Another good chunk of people that hate COD now come from COD2, and COD4. The best CODs ever made.

NinjaRichParty1838d ago

Oh I have no problem with those people. If someone feels as if a franchise they used to love was butchered for profit, they have a right to hate it. Haha.

C0LLAT1839d ago

After COD MW2, it slowly faded my interest.

Now I'm on the Battlefield bandwagon.

Oschino19071839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

One of the few to admit bandwagoning but there is no prob with that as long as you don't attack or demean others for their gaming choice. Most have bandwagoned at some point with some game/franchise.

Many commenters on this site with a decent rep have imo lost my respect when they spam COD articles all day especially around and after release with negative BS. Hypocrisy runs rampant when it comes to COD.

Sad part is other then a few new names here and there I have noticed many are the same from the past 2-3+ years saying the same thing over and over, article after article. Talk about copy/paste, I think if many had all their COD trolling comments shown all together they would be embarrassed with themselves.

I have had moments of hating COD and being upset it didn't last long and I grew up. COD haters who just can't let it go and keep going on and on even after making their opinion known are just pathetic to say the least.

The known overall ignorant trolls can be funny as they always half talk out their ass. When I see usual level headed positive commenters start trolling COD articles knowing they are trolling or letting their emotions get the better of them it is very disappointing and alienating.

MrZkaar1839d ago

I've ordered COD, BF4 and KZSF. Each game is different and will offer me different styles and enjoyment. COD is a solid shooter and I love it for a quick blast.

come_bom1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

My online FPS games are Battlefield and COD (and i expect Titanfall in the near future)... so i really don't give a f**k what people think about my choices.

come_bom1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

People should do what i do:

In 2011 i got BF3
In 2012 i got COD
In 2013 i got BF4
In 2014 I'll get Titanfall...

Alternating is always good, that way COD or Battlefield don't get old.

BTW... I never play nor care about the single player of COD/BF. I wish they would sell only the COD/BF4 online aspect of the game at a cheaper price.

theXtReMe11839d ago

I think a lot of peoples hate is brought on by the Call of Duty franchises lack of innovation. People are frustrated by the game being the same for the past 10-15 years. The single player seems to suffer with every iteration becoming shorter and shorter and the multi only changes when the developers see people enjoying a mode or feature from another game, like Battlefield.

Call of Duty 2 was a great game for both single and multiplayer. Giving players a real, engaging story that put them in the heart of the war. But ever since 2, as the franchise became more and more popular... The game has taken a color by numbers approach and all but done away with a decent single player campaign. Instead, focusing on the online component and having single player mimic it, with bots.

I believe they should have two separate Call of Duty games. One that focuses on single player, one on multi. That way, each fan gets what they want and single player doesnt feel tacked on and short. Charge $30 for each and let gamers decide which, if not both, they want. I think, with digital distribution getting bigger, this is the fair way to distribute games. Allowing gamers to buy what they want, without paying for something extra, they may not.

theenglishman1839d ago

15 years? Try 8 at most, at the point where the franchise became annualized (Call of Duty 2). The franchise itself is barely 11 years old as it is.

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