Spiral Cat's Latest Cosplay - Charming Nine-tailed Fox from Million Arthur

Spiral Cat's recently released a new set of cosplay for Million Arthur's latest character. The new character is a nine-tailed fox. Enjoy Spiral Cat's elaborate cosplay!

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Klonoa-dreamtraveler1838d ago

ok usually i stay out these kind of articles but i got to say shes gorgeous.

SuperBlur1838d ago

me too but i gotta admit im kind of freaked out by her eyes. it look very toy'ish like a barbie doll.

MethCupcakes1838d ago

Nah, she’s quite beat. Take off her makeup and you’ll find a rough 6.8 below. With make up.. 7.4 and I’m being generous.

Mexxan1838d ago

ooooookkkkaaaaayyyy..... let me just wipe my screen.......

SuicidalTendencies1838d ago

Foxy lady!

(Sorry, couldn't resist)

izumo_lee1838d ago

Wow! Spiral Cat are well known group of cosplayers that are very good at what they do. I believe this is Doremi doing the honors this time.

If you wanna see more of their work check out their site -