Xbox One & PS4 launch 'good for Nintendo', claims Iwata

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata believes that the imminent launch of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is good for Wii U "because they energize the video game industry as a whole".

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snitch_puck1570d ago

The release of the Wii Mini would also be "good for Nintendo".


cpayne931570d ago

Why pay 50 dollars for a wii when you can buy a smaller one that does less stuff for 100?

nidhogg1570d ago

I don't know about your comment but I think he is implying the element of "sarcasm".

cpayne931570d ago

I know he was being sarcastic, I was too.

BullyMangler1570d ago ShowReplies(2)
Kuse1570d ago

Man these guys are delusional.

nidhogg1570d ago

yup.. and so as the fans.

LOL_WUT1570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

No, their fans take it to a whole nother level ;)

meganick1569d ago

As a Nintendo fan, I can say I'm not "delusional," I just enjoy the great games they consistently put out.

kwandar1569d ago

Not really. First we hear about the lower resolutions on Xbox1, then about games not arriving on time, and now ... finally ... the PS4 price increase ...

$10 a month to play online.


Imonaboat11570d ago

Better than the dickhole who responded with a "Meh"

MightyNoX1570d ago

Why you gotta be hating on Regg-eyh? Is it the eyes? I bet it's the eyes. XD

Misaka_x_Touma1569d ago

Reggie commented on launch games not launch of the entire system. Iwata is talking the upcoming performance of their launch window.

BOWZER351570d ago (Edited 1570d ago )

He has got that right. I'm sure the wii u sales will do better than before, just because a lot of people are barely going to upgrade to next gen. I have a feeling people were just waiting to see what Microsoft and Sony had to offer, then they will really look at what the wii u really has to offer. That doesn't mean everyone will get a wii u, but at least consider it.

BABY-JEDI1570d ago

What planet is he on?
Nintendo world maybe?
You know, the one with the funny little creatures.

BABY-JEDI1568d ago

Shroom tea?
Shroom soup?
My god, this is shroom tastic. The next gen shroom wars has been won by shroomtendo!

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