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"As the match is on the roll we realize that 2K made a lot of progress in their newest, brightest NBA 2K13 game. The most gameplay elements were overwritten and many new things has been added to the game."

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Starbucks_Fan1838d ago

I've never played these but I'm considering getting the PS4 version. It looks SO AMAZING.

Khajiit861838d ago

I have played basketball games since live 95. 2k has always been amazing i love going into replay and zoom in. 2k14 looks amazing on my ps3. Little by little gets better every year but the ps4 version looks eye popping.

3-4-51838d ago

just got 2k13 last week and it's the best basketball game I've ever played.

I'm more concerned with next gen 2k14 than this gen.