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For those of you on the fence about Activision’s Call of Duty: Ghosts, here’s the ten second rundown: the campaign script is awful, the multiplayer is amazing, and the new game modes are worth looking into.

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ShowGun9011840d ago

Well multi-player is the important part, so I'm not worried... I never even played mw3s or bkops2s single player tbh... I'm just ready to check this one out in 1080 lol!

Only like 10 days lol

Valkyrieone1840d ago

20 minutes into playing COD Ghosts and already the story is a complete clusterfuck. A total mess.

Syriana was an exciting film with terrific writing and realistic setting. However, Stephen 'Gag' han must have written the script for Call of Duty Ghosts on his coffee break because it is the exact same formula of previous Call of Duty's but with a post-apocalpytic American theme (As if that hasn't been done to death already.)