Daniel Sturridge on CoD: 'I don't want to hear your baby crying down the headset'

Liverpool and England striker talks about one of his favourite series - Call of Duty - before getting a bit weird, angry and funny. Lovely stuff.

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Cuzzo631839d ago

Lol. Made some good points. I dnt wanna hear ur music and babies crying in the background. Turn ya mic off!

MysticStrummer1839d ago

Yeah hearing someone else's crappy music is always irritating. Even if I like the music, I'd rather not hear it over the headset like that. Crying babies or nagging girlfriends/wives are also things I can do without. I forget what game I was playing, but some guy was being nagged by his girl and I told him he should have asked before hooking up with my ex wife. I could have warned him to stay away.

Oschino19071839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Don't forget loud feedback players or ones singing the the crappy music making it even crappier.

My biggest issue with those kinds of players is they rarely if ever actually talk and they must know they can mute themselves and unmute to talk or in some cases can "push to talk".

I tend to reluctantly mute them as I hate to mute anyone in case they actually have something worthwhile to say later.

Worse is they often don't realize most will mute them thus their mic being on is now pointless or some will leave the game knowing 1 player on their team is more then likely annoying/useless.

I prefer to play for and with the team in any competitive game even COD where I am often supporting players every way I can with little to no thanks. I hate having to cut off teammates because they can't follow basic mic etiquette.

1839d ago
DeadRabbits1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Step 1: Stay away from xbox live to reduce the crying

Step 2: Turn off Mic

Step 3: Play BF4

Patrick1839d ago

I just get tired of the little kids with dirty mouths that run them non stop. Wish they had different sessions for different age groups, NO (LITTLE) KIDS

Oschino19071839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Not all kids are bad but seriously the report system should be better and if they aren't the consoles main account holder their parents should get emails of the reports.

Otherwise we can't blame much except bad parenting and school systems.

Starbucks_Fan1839d ago

People need to turn their DAMN KINECT OFF!!!

logan_izer101839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

I wonder if someone is using kinect on the Xbone and someone shouts XBOX OFF through the headset if the xbox will hear it and shut off. LOL

Starbucks_Fan1839d ago

I would love to see people try this.

ThatArtGuy1839d ago

It worked at the Insomniac offices.

AlexanderNevermind1839d ago

Oh man that would be great XBots someone please try it and get back to us.

mo2411839d ago


Hahahah XBots try it and come back to us.

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