PS4 Launch Game Looks Phenomenal In Slow Motion | Kotaku

This is the PlayStation 4, folks, flexing its muscles.

The game you're seeing is called Resogun. It's an arcade shooter coming out on launch day (November 15) for the PS4. It's not just meant to be a game. It's meant to be a showpiece. The game comes from the Finnish studio Housemarque which previously made Super Stardust HD, a launch day arcade shooter for the PlayStation 3

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Boody-Bandit1445d ago

I can't wait to play Resogun.
Star Dust was one of my favorite games. I put more time into that game than I did most block buster titles. It was so addicting. My son and I were always competing to beat each others score.

mewhy321445d ago

Have to say that those physics and particles would bring other consoles to their knees.

FANTA11801445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

yea the sega genesis , turbografx 16 , gamecube, atari jaguar etc... i agree

ZodTheRipper1445d ago

Pixelporn at it's best, can't wait to witness it myself :)

Enemy1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

You know what's hilarious about your butthurt comment, FANTA1180? Resogun is technically doing a whole lot more than Killer Instinct is, @ 1080p native and 60fps locked. 2 fighters on screen (stuck at 720p hell, in a fighting game, pathetic) with fake, half-assed particle effects VS actual cubes (redefining the "particle effect") in Resogun? Have fun with your argument. I know I did.

Oh wait, you're out of bubbles.

On topic: This YouTube quality is becoming unacceptable. Resogun is locked at 60fps yet this video looks choppy as sh*t.

dantesparda1442d ago

@ enemy

Man, am i with you on the Youtube quality comment. God damn, is the compression on Youtube horrendous nowadays. I would be ashame if i was them. And yeah, Fanta is definitely a mad fanboy

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killercam191445d ago


you sound way more butthurt than he does lol, secondly he was only responding to the smart ass insinuating that fucking resogun couldnt run on the xbox one. And this is coming from a future launch ps4 owner(xbox one after taxes), i just refuse to milk a corporations penis and sop it all up like u fanboys do

sigfredod1445d ago

every single particle effect is a polygon, not just sprites beatiful

xPhearR3dx1445d ago

This is one of those games you play when you're not sober and it becomes 10x more fun lol

theXtReMe11445d ago

What are there, 8 billion's particles? Holy God, does this look good. I wasn't ever a big fan of Defender, but this takes Defender a step further and mixes elements of it with other side scrolling shooters. Looks like it's going to be a blast. Is this game free at launch?

raWfodog1445d ago

Free for PS Plus members

rainslacker1444d ago

I've been impressed with this game for a while now. I love these kinds of games to begin with, but the number of on screen objects and physics is mind blowing. I know a mid-range computer can do more, and I have even created my own physics demonstrations for PC, but putting it all together like this is really inspiring.

I know many don't think this game represents next gen because it's an indie title, but it most certainly does for me. Same goes for Knack with the amount of on screen objects and individual physics calcs.

And yeah, it's free for PS+ members along with contrast which also looks really good. My two most anticipated indie titles for free is a great bonus for day one.:)

WeAreLegion1445d ago

Man, that looks cool! I hope there's a 3D patch in the future. This game would look so awesome in 3D!

theXtReMe11445d ago

I agree. 3D would be incredible.

Clover9041445d ago

The 3d in Housemarques's ps3 title Stardust was phenomenal. Would love to play this in 3d.

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