Battlefield Bad Company Beta Codes Still Being Offered

According to, It has been discovered that there is another way to still obtain BFBC Beta codes. Larry Hryb, gamertag: Major Nelson, posts at least one new code each day via the web based communication tool Twitter. The codes are given out in a first come first serve basis. Even though the Beta closes Monday, there still may be a chance to grab one.

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BeaArthur3858d ago

And nobody wants them. I played the beta for about 15 minutes and then deleted it.

ASSASSYN 36o3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

This game plays like fossilized doo-doo. You can keep those codes.

mirroredderorrim3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Guy in the middle looks like the Edge from U2.

xboxftw3858d ago

played for 2 weeks then went back to cod4.