Battlefield 4 - The PS4 trophies

All the PS4 trophies for Battlefield 4.

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Wizziokid1839d ago

Just going to guess without looking at the article. They are the same as the PS3 trophies? Just a hunch.

admiralvic1839d ago

They're 99% the same. The trophy set icon looks like the box art, where as the PS3 version looks like Battlefield 3's set.

ELCUCO1839d ago

Looks like an EZ Plat...if that's the entire list. A lot of campaign trophies is surprising.

famoussasjohn1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

When the expansions come rolling out, they will bring more trophies. Usually it was about 5 per new expansion going off of BF3.

admiralvic1839d ago

True, but that doesn't affect the platinum or how easy it looks.